10 Essential Tips For A Stress-Free Office Move

We, at ecoloads, have moved hundreds of offices across Australia, we’ve spoken to our industry insiders and removalists to bring you ten essential tips you to a stress-free office move.

Moving office can be a real headache for facility and building managers. You see, moving office isn’t like moving house. There’s equipment, stock, cabling, power, storage, filing, furniture and many people! The pressure becomes real when timelines kick out and valuable business time is lost.

Ten Office Moving Tips You Need To Know

Don’t Guess When It Comes To Space

We’ve all been guilty of eyeing up a doorway and feeling oh so confident that a couch or desk will ‘just fit through’, only to stress, sweat and strain your way to a lousy day and scratched furniture.

Go to the new space and walk the floors. It’s not just about counting and measuring desks. Walk the floors in a way the team or department would work. Is there enough space to get to the kitchenette, or the printer? Will Sandra from accounts be stuck outside the men’s toilets? These are all considerations to take on board to avoid the headaches that come once people move in.

Make Your Move Colourful

Colour coding may seem overkill, but having a large floorplan printed, displayed and pinned up for your removalists to see can be a handy way to ensure your removalists know where to place items at a glance. This is particularly useful for larger office moves, when you can’t be everywhere are once and need to trust that your equipment gets to the right area.

Make Friends With The IT Dept

It’s incredible how many facilities and building managers think they can manage an office move on their own. Yes, you need to have overall control over the office move, but by getting department heads, mainly IT to buy in at the beginning of the project, you can remove a lot of roadblocks and push back.

Does Your New Office Have Enough Power?

You can also work with your IT manager to ensure that wires, cabling, PC’s and other equipment are moved and re-installed swiftly, and they can spot any issues, such as trailing cables, and extra power points and power loading needed on your floors. Double check the LED lighting installation at your new office to ensure the brightness is to code and all lights are working as they should. It’s common to find lights out, or too dim for workers and you want staff to be able to embrace their new surroundings. You can adjust and add any additional wiring and power before the move happens so that staff can get working straight away.

Going Green In Your New Office

Take your office move as an opportunity for your business to start fresh and green! Think about more sustainable ways you can run your business. Get rid of those cumbersome 1980’s desks for smaller stand-up desks for your team. This can create space for plants and recycling points. Get rid of your office clutter and maybe dump that beast of a photocopier for one that guzzles less electricity and carbon. Your actual move can also be green! Ecoloads for example offsets office moves in partnership with Greenfleet. Working to reduce carbon footprints of office moves right across Australia!

Tell Your Staff To Take Personal Items Home

Moving hundreds of people brings with loads of stuff! Do yourself a huge favour. In the month leading up to the move and encourage staff to take home as many personal items as they can. Gifts, sport shoes, formal shoes, photo frames, plants, folders and files. You’ll be surprised how much extra clutter can be reduced, making it your priority to move the essentials. The last thing you need after a massive office move is Brendan from sales asking you where his Nike’s went. It’s also a chance to start in a new office without clutter and personal items all over the place, encouraging a tidier work environment.

People Power Is Important

Timing is everything in an office move, and it’s a massive waste of money if the removalists turn up and people aren’t ready to go. Offer an incentive to get people co-operating and making them feel part of the move also. The first dept to be packed up and ready to go get a beer and pizza party, or the first team to be up and working in the new office get a long lunch. By making staff part of the move and offering incentives, you get extra support and a smoother ride.

Go Paper Free

A couple of months before the move get staff filing, archiving and shredding. You’ll be surprised how much money is spent moving dusty boxes stuffed full of meaningless papers from one office to another with no chance of them ever seeing the light of day. You don’t need to keep details on a project from 5 years ago, or that huge stack of old catalogues. Recycle them and archive anything you need to keep offsite.

Have A Moving Day Plan

This may seem like a strange tip, and one that should be obvious, but our ecoloads removalists have moved lots of businesses who don’t seem to have a plan when it comes to moving day itself! Who should move first? Management and sales are probably the best starts as they are the driving hub of the business. Then move marketing, accounts and other departments, but it could also depend on the floor layout. You want to work from the back of the floor to the front, so removalists aren’t weaving through furniture and equipment.

Keep An Open Mind

An office move can become all-consuming. Know from the get-go that not everything will go to plan. Yes, keep to a schedule, but if you are receiving feedback or suggestions from your removalists or peers, take the time to listen. Ploughing ahead regardless can cause you real problems down the track, particularly when you need to call in a favour with someone later on. Office moves can be hugely complicated, and there is no shame in there being the odd oversight.

Remember, you aren’t expected to cover every single detail when it comes to moving offices. If you get too caught up in being an office move-zilla you could end up with a whole lot of stress and little support, which is a pretty lonely place to be. Get engagement and buy-in from the beginning, and it’ll be a stress-free office move!

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