10 Moving Hacks Removalists Won’t Tell You

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There are plenty of people who want to share their moving experiences with you, but at ecoloads, we want to share some proven moving hacks from the experts in the game. Our removalists!  Check out these top ten moving hacks which we guarantee to save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress!

Cumbersome Cutlery

Cutlery becomes mixed up in boxes and bangs around loudly in the box when on the move and can be pretty heavy too. Zip tying groups of knives, forks and spoons mean you save space and so much time re-filling the drawers in your new home. Just pop in the tray, snip the zip tie and you’re done!

Make Light Of The Heavy Stuff

Putting heavy items in boxes is a real pain for your removalist and if you’re not trained to lift and move boxes, you can damage your back.  Use what you have in the house for a lighter, smoother move and dig out your suitcases with wheels. Loading up your suitcase saves space and your back.  It’s a particularly good hack if you need to navigate an elevator or stairs.

Pool Noodle Protection

Grab some cheap pool noodles from the dollar store, or dig out the ones lurking in the garage that the kids have grown out of to protect the edges of your expensive furniture. Slice 3/4 of the way through the noodle carefully and tape around corners of expensive drawer sets, tables, TV’s and artwork. The humble pool noodle instantly becomes an effective furniture bumper.

Bin Your Clothes

Not literally, that would be an outrageous hack! Our removalists hate to get your clothes wrinkled and dirty, so they suggest this amazing time-saving hack for your clothes.  Grab 10 hangers full of clothes and tie the hooks together with a thick rubber band.  Then, cover the clothes with a bin bag, poking the hooks through the middle of the bag. Instantly you have a bundle of clothes, securely tied together and protected by the garbage bag. Super easy to transfer to your new wardrobe, uncover and untie. You’ll be thankful that you have all your clothes hanging up and ready to wear with so little effort.

Pay A Fixed Price For Your Move

All our ecoloads transporters recommended this as one of our top moving hacks!  Choose a removalist that charges you just one fixed fee. A quoted time can never reflect real life. Removalists can be stuck in traffic, movers may be running late and landlords and real estate agents can slow up the whole process. By booking your removalist through ecoloads you get a registered driver and you pay one fixed fee, released when a good job is complete.

Reduce Cable Stress

Untangling cables and searching for remote controls can cause immense frustration and stress. There really is nothing more soul destroying than sitting on the living room floor trying to jam a cable into the back of the TV that just wasn’t meant to fit. Pop cables and accessories into a ziplock back and tape to the relevant piece of electrical equipment. When you unpack, you can set up your beloved entertainment system and have music playing. Home comforts in minutes!

That Lightbulb Moment

The ecoloads team can’t tell you how many times they’ve moved people into a new home, only to find the last tenants have taken the lightbulbs!  It can be very frustrating when trying to unpack on your first night or darker rooms. Before you move in, check the kinds of bulbs you may need and take a couple, just in case.

Move Green!

Nothing will get your new neighbours offside fast enough than stuffing the shared bins with reams and reams of bubble wrap.  Use what you have in the house and save on extra moving boxes too by wrapping items in your towels and bedding.  Sheets and doonas give great, scratch proof protection to TV’s and mirrors, whilst towels are great for lamps and ornaments.

Sticky Tape Stopped Sticking?

When the ecoloads removalists find their tape has lost its stickiness, they blast their packing tape in the microwave for just ten seconds. This re-activates and softens the glue, giving you more stick when you’re short of time and don’t have time to buy more.

Keep All Receipts

Yes, it’s true. Some moving scenarios are tax deductible! Do your research and see if you can claim some tax breaks on your move, or your new home office set up.


There you have it. Ten moving hacks to keep the stress levels down, your costs low and your move fast!