3 TV Shows Every Trucker Should Watch!

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Truckies spend some long lonely hours out on the road seeing the more of their country than most will in their lifetime. So, when you’ve finished a long shift and have some downtime for a couple of days, it’s good to take some time to reset, relax, chill and watch 3 TV shows every trucker should watch!

Sure, you could hit the gym, go shopping, or drive down to the local beach, but there is no shame in taking some serious couch time for yourself and watching some awesome trucker reality shows back to back. After all, it’s research, right?

Ice Road Truckers 

Watch these die-hard truckies traverse frozen lakes, swamps and great expanses of white on isolated, incredibly dangerous roads. Ice Road Truckers takes viewers across desolate Alaskan expanse travelling to and from Canada picking up cargo from diamond mines and delivering essential supplies to remote small towns.

You’ll meet some kooky small-town locals and some unique characters behind the wheel of some epic heavy vehicles. There are even female truckers who are breaking the glass ceiling instead of ice-covered lakes, putting a different spin on the stereotype of your average truckie.

Watch all 10 seasons of Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel or YouTube.

Outback Truckers

Our homegrown, tough as nails Aussie truckers have been a real hit with television audiences worldwide. Why? Because they’re as extreme as the desert heat and tropical storms they drive through to get where they need to be.

You’ll witness showdowns, eccentricities, endurance and some choice ocker Aussie slang as you accompany unique characters like Yogi as they travel thousands of kilometres across Australia’s sunburnt land.

It’s awe-inspiring and relatable to see how these experienced drivers navigate some of the hardest terrains in the world. Unmade roads, surprise flooding, bogs which appear from nowhere, and red dust which gets anywhere and everywhere. There’s even one extreme trucker who takes his wife on long-haul trips! The outback truckers move live cattle thousands of kilometres, take road trains from one side of the country to another and even move whole houses. All in the unbearing heat which is so searing, it melts the highway tarmac, bringing its own unique set of challenges. Addictive watching.

Catch Outback Truckers on A&E network 

Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars were made for Ecoloads members!  It may have finished filming in 2015, but this show is pretty unique and worth a watch.

The TV series focuses on a group of heavy-duty movers and transporters who battle to win strange and rare shipping jobs. The jobs that your average trucker would walk away from, in fact, they actively avoid.

You’ll gain great tips on how to bid, win, and transport unique items by getting ahead of your competitor’s and winning some memory making and wallet filling transport jobs. For example; how would you go about costing a job to move a giant water buffalo, a wartime antique cannon, or a bunch of tanks?

Shipping Wars will give any professional truck driver insights into the more unique cargo which needs to be shipped and needs the right driver to do it. Fascinating stuff.

Get quoting and moving tips for unusual cargo by watching Shipping Wars here!