5 Effective Ways To Grow Your Removals Business

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Ecoloads keeps Australia moving every single day. We’ve facilitated thousands of moves, from a simple house move to larger, or more unique items such as transporting a car interstate, or an antique piano to a music venue.

We believe that by creating a central market place, removalists can book regular jobs, ensuring that their van is never empty on a return trip. We’ve also picked up plenty of tips along the way to increase bookings, and we want to share them with all the professional removalists out there!

Check out our top 5 effective ways to grow your removals business without investing in large marketing budgets or paying thousands for Facebook advertising.


People buy people. Simple as that. If you are looking for a product or service and a close friend or relative recommends a local service, you are likely to take it, right? Create a rapport with each customer, or create an incentive, such as a future discount, free cup of coffee, or lunch for each successful referral booking. You’ll be surprised how a good reputation and strong referrals can quickly boost your bookings.

Grow your business on socials

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars on paid ads. However, strong content showcasing your jobs and your customer’s testimonials will help build a local profile. Post in your local community Facebook Page offering discounts for local residents, or house or office move packages. On your business page, ask for a testimonial at the end of each removals job. Ask for a testimonial and a photo to share your professional reputation. Share what you are doing within the community too, such as a free moving job for a charitable organisation.

Keep your personal Facebook account and your business separate. House all of your removals content on a Facebook Business Page for a stronger brand presence.

What’s your difference?

You will always be competing with other local professional removalists. So, you must have a point of difference to stand out. Does your business follow environmentally friendly practices? Do you employee disadvantaged youth or offer internships and apprenticeships? Are you an equal opportunity employer? Or, do you donate a portion of your revenue to charitable causes?

The differences don’t need to be huge. However, they do need to be meaningful and resonate with your customers, so they choose to book with you over your competition.

Create removalist partnerships

Running a small business can feel a bit lonely sometimes, but building strong partnerships with other local companies can reap the rewards on many levels. Think about partnering with a local real estate agent to list you as a preferred removalist, or partner with a local furniture store.

You can also partner with other removalists who work in different fields. For example; you may be a business and commercial removalist, who often gets enquiries for house moves. You can refer the house moves to a partner removalist, and your partner can return the favour.

Share removals industry news

Raise your profile and become the expert in your field for your customers and the local community. Submit topical articles to the local press, and add useful tips and insights to your Facebook or LinkedIn pages. By sharing valuable content that is likely to be read and shared, you will increase your digital footprint and increase your removal bookings!

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