5 Lifehacks To Break Up And Move Out Like a Boss!

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Ecoloads has hundreds of removalists out on the roads, moving people for all kinds of reasons every day, even unfortunate relationship breakups. Here, we share our best tips to break up and move out like a boss!

We all want love to last forever. When we meet that someone special and the heart flutters and the eyes glaze over, after a while it seems that moving in together is the next natural step. But, only when you move in with someone you get to find out the real person, without the airs and graces of their ‘dating representative’ version.

When it’s time to cut your losses and move on and move out, it can feel overwhelming and you may be tempted to stick it out due to fear of failure, or what your friends and family might say. This is never a reason to stay and it’s best to own the situation and move out. It’s upsetting and difficult, but our ecoloads tips to break up and move out like a boss will have you moving on positively.

Maya Angelou said that if every woman should have enough money to move out and rent a place of their own, even if they do not need it. That stands for men too, not just women and Maya Angelou is the Queen of knowing how to break up and move out like a boss. Before you pull the pin on a relationship, ensure you have enough funds and arrangements to move your stuff, stay somewhere for a couple of nights and a downpayment on a rental. As much as you think thinks will be civil, a passionate or long-term relationship can become emotional and difficult. Worrying about where you will stay for a few nights, once the break up is in motion will add extra stress.

how to move out and break up like a boss

Don‘t deliver bad news at home. Take a walk or be on neutral ground. Plan what you’re going to say and remember to breathe. Bear in mind that your partner may not see this coming and be prepared for them to throw hurtful comments at you. Remember that this is just the shock and hurt and biting back will cause you no end of drama. Let them get it out, unless you feel in danger of course, in which case leave the vicinity immediately.

Do you REALLY need that lamp? In the scheme of things, is a lamp or your favourite coffee table really worth the fight? Human nature tends to make us defensive or possessive over material things in a breakup. Our ecoloads removalists have seen many a frosty tug of war over a second-hand bookcase or couch. If it means so much to your ex-partner, let it go and wish them well. Do you really want those memories following you to your new apartment anyway?

how to move out and break up like a boss

Give each other space.  It never works when you are in each other’s pockets when someone or both of you are moving out. Take this time for you and as part of your break up process. Arrange a time to get your things where you will be alone and have some time of quiet reflection while you pack. Or, take a friend with you who can take you for pizza and a beer, wine afterwards to keep you positive and offer support.

Keep it Fair. You may want to let a bill slide, or throw out your partners favourite t-shirt, and if they’ve been a total jerk it can be really tempting! But, in the long run, be the bigger person and move out with your spirit and good conscience intact. If they get petty, hey, it’s a reflection on them and proof positive that you did the right thing by moving on! Sit back and know karma will come around soon enough.

how to move out and break up like a boss

Take your stuff, and move into a cool apartment of your own, with some mates, or even a sharehouse or Airbnb. Take your time to get yourself back together, eat well, hit the gym and surround yourself with friends and family. Soon enough you’ll have the strength to get back out there and have some fun, and maybe meet an ace human!

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how to move out and break up like a boss

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