5 Reasons why you should book a removalist

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5 reasons why you should book a removalist

When moving house, you may wonder why you should book a removalist. Surely it’s easier and cheaper to do it yourself? Sure, if you are moving into a dorm at Uni or a small bedsit with little furniture, putting your belongings in the back of your car and asking for Dad’s help may suffice. However, if you are preparing for a full home move, or moving interstate, there are plenty of reasons why you should book a removalist.

Reduce stress levels

Moving house is one of the most stressful life moments you can go through. You may be buying a new home, trying to sell one, or daunted by the fact that you have decades of personal belongings and furniture to box up and transport. Using a professional removalist instantly removes the stress and family arguments that descend on moving day, making the next step of your journey a happy and exciting one without tension and added pressure.

Health and Safety

Do you really want to be lifting the large family fridge onto a trolley? Or, twisting and turning trying to get your heavy king bed out the front door? The last thing you need when moving home is to injure yourself or another family member. Avoid a back injury or worse by enlisting professional removalists who are trained to lift and move heavy and large furniture safely.

Booking a removalist brings convenience

Booking a removalist instantly gives you back many hours of time. Time that can be better spent preparing your new property for your arrival, running your business, setting up utilities, or tying up loose ends. All you need to do is box up and label your household items and your local removalist will do the heavy lifting for you.


If you are attempting to move home yourself, it’s likely that you will hire a vehicle for the move. This puts another van on the road and CO2 in the atmosphere. By using a professional removalist, they will book moves based on other bookings. Often completing them on the same day. This minimises the number of vehicles on the road. In addition, by sharing space on the van with others, using a removalist becomes an environmentally-friendly choice.

Damage and breakage

Do you know the best and safest way to move a glass tabletop? Are you aware that refrigerators need to be loaded and stored in a certain way? What about your TV, do you know you need to be extra careful when it comes to protecting screen quality? Take the stress and risk away from damaging your expensive and treasured items by using a professional moving team who can pack up your appliances and treasured items safely so they arrive in the same condition that they left.

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should book a removalist. A reputable local removalist can cost less than you think and will minimise stress, damage and injury when it comes to moving day!

5 reasons why you should book a removalist