5 Tips To Better Boat Storage

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top 5 tips to storing your boat for winter

Boats in summer are fantastic!  You can get out on the lake or harbour most weekends and enjoy a spot of fishing, quality time with the family, or entertain your friends. You can take a dip, take in the view and take a cold beer out of the Esky (if you aren’t the driver!). However, as the temperature starts to drop and the rain sets in, weekends out on the water become few and far between. Before you know it, it’s time for your boat to be stored away for the winter months.

At Ecoloads, we understand how much time, effort and money go into maintaining a boat, no matter what it’s size and we have pulled together our top 5 tips to better winter boat storage.

Tarpaulin Can Damage Your Boat

Yep, the humble tarpaulin can cause more harm than good if not appropriately fitted to your boat as a weather protecting cover. If left to come loose, the elements can come in and the rough tarpaulin material, although sturdy against the elements, can be blown about, slapping against your boat causing scratches and damage.  For smaller boats and for protection of fixtures and fittings, wrap a blanket or cloth around the area, or use a large sheet to attach underneath your tarp as a protective layer.

Empty Your Fuel Tank

Leaving old fuel languishing in the fuel tank all winter will cause you problems and a hefty mechanical bill come Spring.  Be sure to drain your fuel tank and lubricate any moving and mechanical parts well before you arrange your boat storage for the winter months.

storing your boat for winter

Wash Saltwater Off Your Boat

Give your boat a thorough clean or steam pressure wash to remove all saltwater and residue from the underside of your boat and to get out of all the nooks and crannies. Salt is not your friend when it comes to storing your boat and if left can corrode material and cause lasting damage.

Your Boat Needs A Mixture Of Ventilation and Protection

If your boat has an interior fit-out, ensure that you open all the draws and cupboard doors to keep some ventilation moving around the boat. This will reduce that musty smell you just can’t shake when you pull the tarp back in spring and reduces the chances of mould and mildew growth festering in your pride an joy over the winter months.

Move Your Boat To Sunnier Climbs!

Have you thought about moving your boat interstate to sunnier climbs? You may be lucky enough to spend winter interstate, or at least transport your boat to a mooring with a milder temperature. You might also look to sharing your boat with others by either renting out or going part-share. Your boat is then regularly out on the water and having its engine turned over, avoiding the colder days and chances of damage and seizing up.

There you have it.  Five top tips to keep your boat in tip-top condition over winter!