5 Tips and Tricks To Smart Storage

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5 Tips and Tricks To Smart Storage. Moving home can be a very stressful time. You are dependent on timings and often a chain of homes, purchases, mortgages and settlement dates.  It’s rarely a seamless experience and if you have a family home it can mean being left with all your belongings and finding a rental or temporary accommodation for a month or two before you get to move into your dream place.

There are other reasons you need storage too such as downsizing or sadly dealing with a relationship break up or a deceased estate. We reached out to some experts in the removalist industry for 5 tips and tricks to smart storage to help you when you need to store your stuff!

Check your unit size BEFORE you rent

Take a look at the storage unit before you hop online and book it. You may think you can guess measurements, but more often than not, when you arrive at your storage unit, it can seem far smaller than you imagined, leaving you worrying about where you’ll fit that spare bed.

Choose an accredited storage company

If you choose a super cheap deal on a unit miles away from where you live which doesn’t have any kind of online presence, you may think you are getting a sweet deal, but you may come across an unscrupulous storage unit owner who can jack up the rental, have sub-par units which leak and cause mould on your furniture and in extreme cases withhold your belongings. Take the risk away by choosing a storage unit which is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and who will operate to a code of ethics.

It’s up to you to protect your furniture!

Too often furniture and electronics are dumped in a storage unit and expected to come out exactly as they went in.  Your local storage company will do what they can to ensure a waterproof unit, however, they cannot control things like mite and bug infestation, humidity, leaks and extremes of heat and cold. Wrap and protect your belongings with care, taking time to ensure there are no gaps where the elements or critters can infiltrate and damage.

Label your boxes clearly

No-one ever remembers where they stored their stuff and if you need to return to your unit to retrieve an item, you’ll want to be able to access the right box easily. Put all the large stuff in your storage unit first, such as beds and sofa’s and then have smaller boxes and crates at the front. Label them all up and try to keep your items separated into room types. This will make it so much easier for you to search for that teddy bear your daughter won’t sleep without!

Ask for extras!

There are lots of local storage unit companies out there, so how do you tell which one is the best? Those that offer extra customer service will certainly make your life a lot easier, but if you seek out extras such as free moving boxes and pick up services, you’ll actually save yourself a few extra dollars too!

There you have it ecoloads Top 5 Tips and Tricks To Smart Storage!

5 Tips and Tricks To Smart Storage

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