5 Top Tips To A Sustainable Christmas

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This year has been a tough one for most people, and if you’ve been lucky enough to buy a home, or move house this year, household bills will be running tight and stress levels as you head to Christmas may begin to rise.

Here at ecoloads HQ, we want to provide all new homeowners and flat sharers with some tips for an amazing Christmas time with friends and family without running up credit card bills, but also a sustainable and greener Christmas. After all, this Christmas will be more important for friends, family, being kind to each other and to our planet.

Buy pre-loved and vintage

buy vintage and recycled
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Do you have a friend who is an avid bookworm? Or a sister who loves vintage clothing? Maybe Dad would love an old record from back in his hey-day? Hit up local markets, charity shops and e-Bay for some amazing vintage and pre-loved gifts which will add a sentimental and personal touch when it comes to gift giving this year. Buy buying pre-loved, you are likely to pick up an amazing bargain without cheap products and expensive packaging.

Don’t over indulge

don't over indulge at Christmas

This may sound like a ‘fun police’ tip, but it can be tempting to buy a turkey that will barely fit in the oven and a leg of ham that looks like a dinosaur leg. Write down a list, plan your purchases and avoid heading to the supermarket where you may be tempted buy extra deals and food items you don’t need which will just end up going in the bin. If you have friends coming over, they will be sure to bring extra food too, so stick to a list and buy online to avoid going over budget and adding wasted food to landfill.

Bake at home

home made cookies are a good Christmas gift
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Preparing and baking at home has so many benefits! Firstly, it’s far cheaper to make your own, particularly bread, cookies and desserts. Secondly, the fun and interaction when baking will really get you in the festive spirit. Third, home-made recipes are less refined and processed and therefore healthier. Lastly, home made melted moments or Christmas cookies make for fantastic, heartfelt, sustainable gifts!

Buy local

buy local at Christmas to be sustainable
Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

In the frantic run up to Christmas, it can be really tempting to feed the Amazon beast for convenience. This may be one of the cheapest options. However, but it certainly isn’t one to choose if you are looking for a sustainable Christmas. Seek out your local markets, or small online businesses that will no doubt ship out to your Christmas list, or even hand deliver to your home should you order with them. Think about the miles travelled from manufacture to landing on your doorstep and also check where products are made and if they follow ethical work and environmental practices.

Recycle and compost

recycle Christmas wrapping
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

If you have kids, Christmas morning can be a real disaster zone. After all the present wrapping and packaging has been ripped apart and the excitement begins to fade, it’s time to clear up the mess. Wrap presents in re-usable wrapping and seek out green wrapping ideas. Be sure to understand what packaging can go in the recycle bin and seperate accordingly. It’s also a good idea to set up a food scraps bin to create rich compost to return to your garden.

There it is! 5 tips to a sustainable Christmas that won’t break the bank as you prepare to move house, and will be kinder to the planet too!