5 Ways To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Your Removalist

Moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about booking an unscrupulous removals company. There have been recent news reports about removalists who damage personal belongings and hold items hostage for extortionate and unjustified reasons. The problem is, anyone can say they are a removalist or transporter as there is no formal certification or qualification to enter the industry. 

Avoid the hassle, upset and stress which comes with choosing a lousy removalist and make your house move as smooth as possible with our handy tips! 

Cheapest is rarely best

Moving home is a costly experience and one of the most stressful things you will do in life. With a long list of costs involved with a move, it can be tempting to save some money by choosing the cheapest removalist you can find. This option often becomes a costly mistake which becomes a headache on moving day. If you book a removalist on a loose verbal agreement with no signed or agreed terms, you open yourself to trouble. What is quoted initially as an ‘approximate 4-hour job at $60 an hour’, quickly becomes a 9-hour job at $60 an hour plus fees for tolls, parking and overtime rates.

Ecoloads tip: Choose a removalist which offers clear payment terms and rates. A fixed cost is often the better choice for peace of mind and for keeping in budget.

Ask for proof of insurance

A removals team and van are basically carrying all of your belongings, sometimes for hours across the country, so it pays to ask about insurances. A reputable removalist should be able to quickly and easily provide insurance certificates for both your contents and their vehicle.

Ecoloads tip: When provided with insurance copies, check policy expiry dates, name of insurer and name of the business along with the insurance claim values.

Reputation Is Key

This is where Google becomes your friend. Before you lock in a removalist, do a quick search of their name. If they are operating on Facebook, they could be a reputable one-person operation, but take the time to scroll through the comments and reviews. If there are only one or two, then the comments may have been disabled, or the driver is inexperienced. Check out online transport platforms such as ecoloads, where customers leave feedback and ratings for reputable removalists and transporters, giving you the option to choose with confidence.

Ecoloads tip: Don’t take the gamble on a flashy price and fancy website alone. Take 15 minutes to do some due diligence.

Ask To See The Vehicle

This is essential if you are booking a removalist who doesn’t have a website. Any reputable and trustworthy removalist will happily send you photos of the van they are going to use and the equipment. Look for cleanliness, age and the equipment used. A professional removalist will have upright and flat trolleys, blankets, and lifting straps to transport your furniture safely. If all you see is the outside of a rusty transit, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Ecoloads tip: Ask for the registration plate so you can ensure the shiny white van promised is the one that turns up to move your furniture and precious items.

Let others do the work

Chances are you don’t intend to move house very often, particularly if you are moving from a large family home, or moving interstate. Use an online transport marketplace such as ecoloads to search for a quality removalist instead. In one spot, you can post a job, get quotes, check out ratings, photos of vehicles and pay only one flat, agreed fee!

Ecoloads tip: Head to www.ecoloads.com.au and move with peace of mind, free from scams, extra fees and damaged goods.