5 Ways To Create A Customer-Centric Culture

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What is company culture? Business definitions describe company culture as a wide variety of elements such as values, behaviours, goals and expectations. These elements, when done well, come together and form a workplace which is happy, motivated, engaging and high performing. A positive company culture is far more than having a good office cleaner or free cookies. A customer-centric culture is when a company puts its customers as a priority and the service or product provided to them is aligned and intertwined with the broader company values and culture. 

Changing the culture in a business can be tough. Employees are often resistant to change and feel overwhelmed, unsafe and defensive that the way they have done things is no longer good enough. There can be speculation and miscommunication, so when creating a customer-centric culture, you need to have a strategy.


Once you have your plan, share it with key stakeholders for feedback and to engage them early before rolling it out. This is a crucial step because you will need some champions who can embed the culture from the top down and answer any questions or concerns along the way. Once your strategy is finalised, get your employees together and share the change in a positive and upbeat way. Be sure to demonstrate the benefits for staff which will come if the company succeeds in achieving its goals. If employees feel included on the journey and see the benefits that can happen to them by being onboard, it will be a far smoother journey with an increased chance of success. 

Create a values statement

A values statement is incredibly important. Your customer-centric culture should hinge on a one or two sentence statement, which is easy to remember and reflects what you are trying to do. Avoid anything to dry and corporate as you will want your employees to remember it and get behind it. Google does value statements particularly well, so take the time to see what other companies are doing for inspiration.  

Ask yourself ‘why choose us?’

Be genuine

Create a genuine relationship with your customers. Talk to them, find out what makes them tick and what they want. You can listen to your marketing or strategy teams, but ultimately, they will have their own agenda and personal viewpoints. The only way to create a genuine relationship is to reach out directly to the customer. Make every communication personal. Think about your own inbox. When you open your emails, which ones do you read and which ones sent to junk or trash? If it looks generic, we are quick as consumers to delete and put the spam in the trash.

Who are your VIP’s?

Take a look at your customer base. Who is being a loyal customer? Are they sharing your social media campaigns with their friends? Are they consistent purchasers of your product or signing up for your free workshops? Look after these customers as they not only believe in what you are providing, but they are your brand ambassadors. Reward them for their loyalty and have a communication strategy in place to retain them, increase their purchasing and continue to promote your business. 

Set goals and share results

When you roll out your plans for customer-centric culture have measurable objectives and targets in place. You will gain employee traction and engagement by sharing how far the company has come, such as a rise in new customers, profits going up and a reduction in customer returns or complaints. Remember to reward milestones reached and call out employees who are championing the new culture. This will breed a positive outcome. 

A customer-centric culture needs to start inside the business with a culture change, but without detailed research and getting out there and communicating to your customer base, the change you want won’t reach it’s expected outcome. 

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