5 ways to reduce energy bills during summer

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Australian summers seem to get hotter each year and the humidity can seem unbearable on some days. A common way to keep comfortable is to simply reach for the air-con controls and crank up the cold air. However, this can make your energy bills sky-rocket, and particularly in 2020, managing budgets and needing to reduce energy bills is more important than ever.

Here at ecoloads HQ, we have brought together our top 5 tips to reduce your energy bills in summer so you don’t break out into a sweat when your utility bills land in your inbox.

Keep things dark

blinds closed to keep house cool
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This may seem obvious, but if you live in a large family home, curtains, blinds and windows can be left open which lets the early morning sun in raising the temperature of your home. Whilst it may be desirable to have a sun-filled room, by keeping the blinds and curtains drawn, your home will remain a cool and relaxing sanctuary.

Review your energy bills

review energy companies to reduce bills
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An ideal time to review your energy bills is when you move home. Different sizes of home, state, city and type of build all contribute to your energy consumption and bill size. Check out energy providers for the best long term deals and it’s worthwhile talking to your current provider who will often update your agreement to keep you as a customer.

Renew your appliances to reduce energy bills

update kitchen appliances to reduce your energy bills
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Electrical appliances can run for decades, but if you have a portable air-conditioning unit or a refrigerator or washer which is over 5 years old, you may want to check out its energy consumption vs new products on the market. If you are moving home, it could be the perfect time to sell your appliances and invest in newer, energy-saving products

Keep a full refrigerator

A little know fact is that your refrigerator needs to work harder to cool empty air rather than food. So, a fuller fridge will use up less energy than an empty one. The perfect reason to fit your fridge with ice-cold drinks and refreshments to get you through summer!

Insulate your windows and doors

insulating doors and windows can reduce energy bills
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This may seem counter intuitive, as insulation is usually associated with winter and keeping the heat in. However a fully insulated home will also keep the heat out and the cold air in.

There are a few other things you can do in the home to reduce energy bills, such as investing in plants to create a clean air vibe and make the switch from energy-sucking air-con units to stand alone fans. Keep hydrated, wear natural fibres and don’t overexert yourself and you will get through summer feeling that little bit cooler!

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