The Best Four Car Movies To Watch


Best car movies – our picks

There is a magical partnership between cars and movies.  Famously, status and wealth are demonstrated with the Aston Martin in James Bond; chasing villains in London. Or around some narrow European back streets, super heroes appreciate a good car too. So who doesn’t want a Bat mobile in any incarnation? There are a hundreds of blockbuster car movies to choose from. So favourites will change dependent on the person or the day. Here are four major car movies that any car nut should know about:-

Herbie (1968-2005) A Car With A Life Of It’s Own

Yes, when you think car movie, your mind may leap to car chases and big screen stunts.  Herbie may not be your first pick, but think about the impact these movies made on VW and the Beetle, which is loved and revered by people all around the world.  The 1963 Sedan deluxe ragtop in pearl white with the iconic blue and red stripe was handed down from owner to owner, competing in races and hi jinx all over the world.  The difference? Herbie could drive itself and had a life of its own.  The quirky, cute, number 53 VW Beetle drew movie crowds all over the world from the 60’s and was still smashing the box office in 2005 with Lyndsay Lohan, which was the largest grossing Herbie movie.  Spirited, fun and a car movie franchise that will have a warm place in millions of hearts.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (2001-Still Going) The Title Says It All

The Fast And The Furious franchise is one of the most globally successful movie franchises of all time.  Big names, big stunts and a whole lot of fantasy car chase action.  These movies are not only sleek, but also fast moving, spectacular and made for the big screen with Fast and Furious Eight already in the pipeline for 2017.  It’s all about car nuts, streetcars and big budget. Switch off and switch into a world of fast cars, and if you look carefully you can even spot a small cameo by Japanese Racing Legend Keiichi Tsuchiya.  The tragedy of Paul Walker dying before the last film was made is heartbreaking given the nature of his death,. This will no doubt add morbid curiosity and a sense of memorial to the most recent film.

This franchise gets bigger and better each time and if you love cars, you probably have the box set!

Rush (2013) Fast Cars, Fast Lifestyle, Fast Women

This is the only movie based on a real character, real races and carries full throttle.  You are absorbed into the life of legendary race driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) who drove hard and partied harder along with his arch nemesis, the cold, calculating, precise and disciplined Nikki Lauda.  This movie is a window into the real world of 60’s motor racing, showcasing the pressure, the talent, the drive, the fame and the huge risk to life these drivers took before racing legislation changed. A gem of a movie for any motor racing sport fan.

The Italian Job (1969 and 2003) A Movie So Good They Made It Twice!

Legendary Michael Caine took the Mini into the stratosphere with a film that takes you on a high energy heist with a backdrop of the swinging heartbeat of 1960’s London.  There are car chases, famous lines, sharp suits, three Mini Coopers, two Jaguars and even a bus!  The 2003 version was a rare successful movie remake, with solid performances from Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton, and spearheaded the new shape mini which is one of the most popular and iconic small cars today; you can even get a Union Jack paint job on the roof! Arguably one of the most famous car movies of all time!

which are the best four car movies
Car movies will continue to bring major dollars for movie producers and studios, partnering great movies with cars that become timeless. They draw humans to adrenaline, good design, jaw dropping special effects and characters which are timeless. Long live car movies!