How to Calculate House Moving Costs?

Plan your house moving costs carefully

This can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The cost of buying a home is often the largest payment you will ever make, not to mention all the added extra costs; lawyer fees, real estate fees, new furniture and of course the cost of the move itself! By planning a house moving costs budget for your move, you can relieve the pressure of cash flow and unexpected house moving costs, so moving into your new house or apartment can be a more pleasant experience.

Understand the service you are using

Removalists are a service provider. Therefore they provide a service for a fee and a profit (as all businesses do). The moving or shipping company will have a lot of logistics and details to cost out in order to give you a quote. They need to look at the time it will take to complete the move, the Km’s travelled, fuel costs, number of staff required, location of the pick up and drop off (if you live on the 23rd floor of an apartment building it will take some time!) and they also need to know if they can maximise the time out on the road with other deliveries, moves, and pick ups. All of these details tally up to become your quote. But how do you know if the your house moving costs are fair?

Getting The Quote

Give the shipping company as many details as you can. How many rooms does your home have? How many boxes are you likely to have? Can you provide a list of large furniture and white goods items? Is there an easy access to your property for the truck? Can you be flexible with times and days? All of these things will ensure a more accurate quote.

Double check the terms and conditions. Are they quoting you with a fixed price or will they add a rate for extra time? Are they charging for the whole job, or per hour? Ask your furniture removalist if there will be possible extra costs so you don’t get stuck with an ever growing moving bill that you have no control over.

Be ready for anything?

Check that the insurances and liabilities of your moving company protect your items during the move so that you are covered should the worst happen.