How Do You Choose A Good Local Removalist?

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There are plenty of removalists and ‘Man and Van’ business out there, so how do you find a good local removalist? Where do you go to find the right people to move your household belongings safely and for the right price?

Ecoloads move people every day and have hundreds of moving stories. We thought it would be good to share common issues customers have come across when searching for a removalist. Moving house is usually a stressful time, even if you’re just moving into a studio or apartment. With our trusted tips to find a reputable removalist, you’ll have one less headache and be sipping a drink in the comfort of your new home in no time!

Did You Know There Is An Official Association For Furniture Removalists?

Yep, even furniture removalists have an official association consulted by government departments. AFRA is a great first stop to look for a quality, above board removalist. To become a member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removal Association, certain standards need to be met and staff need to be trained using specific moving equipment. They also need to have road-worthy vehicles and relevant insurances.

Look For Trustworthy Recommendations And Reviews

how do you choose a good local removalist

Don’t be fooled by quotes on furniture removalist websites. While most companies do the right thing, there can be a bit of creative licence which goes into website testimonials and you have no way of knowing if they are genuine. Search sites such as Quora, or online marketplaces for furniture removalists which have independent reviews. You can also search for furniture removalists who have experience moving antiques, or unique items.

Get A Total Cost Of The Move

how do you choose a good local removalist

A common trap consumers fall into during a house move is having the cost of a move blow out by choosing a per hour quote. By agreeing to an hourly rate, you are leaving yourself open to the risk of the time quoted to carry out the job blowing out.  If there is no top price agreed to beforehand, you could be in trouble if something occurs during the move which is unexpected on either side. Look for a removalist that will give you a total job price, paid in full at the end of the move. That way you can plan your moving budget accurately with no surprises and receive a good service.

Ask A Few Questions

how to choose a good local removalist

Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions to get a feel for the company you’ll be using to move your precious household items. Ask for a reference or two, and examples of how they will move certain bulky items such as your leather couch, or your double door refrigerator. You can also ask to see pictures of their vans, to ensure that your items will be strapped down, secure and avoid being scratched in the move. Any reputable, good local removalist will do this without hesitation.

Check Your Insurances

how to choose a good local removalist

Unless your furniture removalist is a part of AFRA, they are not legally obliged to have valid public liability insurance and will only have insurance to cover any damage to their vehicle. Double check the insurances your removalist has, and if they don’t have public liability, check your own home contents insurance and make sure that you are covered during the time of your move.

A bit of planning and knowing where to look for a good local removalist will be half the battle and increase your chances of an efficient and smooth moving experience. Remember, whilst not compulsory, if you do receive a great service, be sure to add your own review online and tip the team who moved all your goods safely and securely.

how do you choose a good local removalist?

Ask your removalist how they move unique, or expensive items