Ecoloads Becomes A Westpac Business of Tomorrow Finalist!

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Ecoloads are excited to announce that we have become a Westpac Business of Tomorrow finalist! We are extremely proud to be recognised for the value-based criteria set out by Westpac and are excited to work and grow with such a prominent voice and champion for Australian business.

Along with 200 other businesses, ecoloads met Westpac’s key criteria by:-

  • Demonstrating a clear vision
  • Deeply understanding customer needs
  • Having the capability to meet tomorrows challenges

How Did ecoloads Achieve Business Of Tomorrow Status?

Ecoloads focuses on offering environmentally minded transport services by partnering with Greenfleet to offset carbon emissions associated with jobs fulfilled on the ecoloads platform.

With Australia’s road freight network currently employing over 192,600 people, ecoloads can help ensure that trucks and vans aren’t travelling empty on return journeys. We believe this business model and the ecoloads platform will encourage backloading efficiencies in Australia. What does this mean? It means a decrease in traffic congestion, reduction in road incidents, less noise pollution and a positive environmental impact. It’s also a win-win for transporters across the country, especially rurally placed individuals and businesses.

Environment. Backloading. Community. These three calls to action sum up where ecoloads plans to make a difference.

What Does Being A Business Of Tomorrow Mean For Transporters?

Being recognised as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow means that the ecoloads brand gets seen and shared by thousands of Australians. Australians who are looking to use and work for businesses which are environmentally minded and forward thinking. They are also wanting to get something moved! ecoloads transporters get to be part of a new movement of businesses who are thinking about tomorrow, their people, and their impact on future generations.

Ecoloads offers transporters a way to easily access, bid on and select jobs to suit any vehicle, time and budget. In just a few clicks, you can be bidding on jobs!

Support a Westpac Business Of Tomorrow and join the ecoloads journey as a customer, or transporter!


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