Tips For Moving House In A Green Way!

Why are Australians Moving House In A Green Way?

Australians are moving towards a more green and ethical way of living in many different ways. Increasingly we are choosing sustainable products, recycling where we can, and choosing to re-use, recycle and reduce our carbon footprint. When it comes to a house move, can you also be green and environmentally safe? The answer is yes you can! Below are some top tips to moving house with a reduced impact on our environment.

What do you really need to move?

Moving home is the perfect time to clear out all your unwanted items. Look in your kitchen, when was the last time you used that sandwich press? Is your fridge old and sucking up huge amounts of electricity? What about the kid’s bedroom? When was the last time they played with certain toys and games?

The heavier the moving van, the more fuel consumption, so clear out what you don’t need and only take the essentials to your new home. Donate items to charity, hold a garage sale, sell items on eBay, or take old and broken appliances and equipment to an e-waste centre for safe disposal.

A house move is also a great time to assess your white goods, TVs and other larger appliances. Are they green rated and energy efficient? If not, it could be a perfect time to upgrade and purchase new environmentally friendly appliances in your new home, they will reduce your energy bills too!

moving house in a green way


So, you have cleared away the clutter and need to pack your essentials for the move. Packing peanuts are not recyclable, so avoid using those and unnecessary plastics and wrapping. Supermarkets are a great place to get some moving boxes rather than buying new ones, or you can hire moving boxes from your removalists. Use newspaper to wrap smaller, fragile, items and it’s also a great item to pack out boxes so small and more fragile items don’t move around in transit. You can also use your towels, linens, throws and blankets to wrap larger items. You just need to pop them in the wash once you have moved in and they will be good as new!

Loading the Van

Think about which items need to go into the removals van first and make the most of the space in the van so you only take the minimal amount of trips. Also, by being a little flexible with moving dates and times the removalists can maximise their time out on the road and fit you in with other jobs. This means less fuel and emissions used by large moving vans and trucks. If you are hiring a van, look for one which is more fuel efficient.

Look out for boxes and materials you can use and recycle in the lead up to your house move and also ask friends to collect and store old newspapers and boxes too. You can re-use and recycle as much as possible and have a smooth, organised house move with minimal environmental impact. Moving house in a green way is achievable and easy!