Five common mistakes when booking car transport

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Five common mistakes when booking car transport

When you need to book some car transport, the natural thing to do these days is simply Google ‘Car transport’ or ‘Auto transport’ followed by your location. However, this can be the start of your problems and is, in fact, one of the five common mistakes when booking car transport.

Broker or Transporter?

If you Google car transporters in your area, you will return lots of hits. All of which will look at first glance like car transport companies. However, a closer look will show you that these sites are merely brokers for car transporters. Their fees can vary wildly, they can take a large chunk of mark up but little responsibility. There have been many horror stories of cars not arriving as they left, or not being picked up at all!  Be wary of these sites and fully understand the terms and conditions as often with brokers, there is little recourse if things go wrong. Instead, look for a reputable car transporter with valid reviews and recommendations from previous satisfied customers.

Verify Insurances

It’s a common mistake to assume that once you book with a car transporter all the insurances and waivers are included in the price.  Depending on the reputation and professionalism of the car transporter, this may not be the case.

Be on time

If you live on a narrow street or apartment complex chances are you will need to take your car to a central location for pick up.  It is imperative that you arrive on time.  This is not only one of the common mistakes made when booking a car for transportation it’s also one of the most infuriating. Car transporters run on a tight schedule. There are other cars to load up and check not to mention return jobs along the way. All of which are negatively impacted  by one person being late.  Plan ahead and be on time.

Prep your car properly

Transporting your car interstate may not be something you do frequently. However, it’s important you find out from the car transporter exactly how best to prepare your car for transportation. Check for oil and fuel leaks and remove personal items such as sunglasses and coins. One of the common mistakes when booking car transport is using your vehicle as a way to ship your personal items and furniture. NEVER think it’s ok to load your car up with boxes and supplies to be transported in your car. Your car must be as light as possible, easy to steer, and without any leaks. Ensure any potential issues are listed on your condition report honestly.

Be Flexible

If you take the opportunity to be open and flexible with your car transport job, you are likely to get a cheaper deal. Ok, you may have to wait an extra 3 days, and you might have to drive an hour out to a central pickup zone. However, if that means you get the last spot on a full trailer, your transport costs will tumble.

There you have it. Our top five common mistakes when booking car transport. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll get the best deal in car transport!