Moving Home With Kids – The Do’s and Don’ts

The very thought of moving home with kids may send a shudder of anxiety down your spine. A very stressful situation can become even more chaotic when you add kids into the mix. But there are some tried and tested tips to having a relatively smooth house move with your children!

Moving Home With Kids –  First, Set the Tone!

Setting the tone as soon as the house move is confirmed is key. Keep the conversation calm but firm with ‘yes we are moving’, ‘no, this can’t be negotiated’. Remember to add in as many positives as you can. This is a hard sell with older children who don’t want to leave their friends or school. Again this is a chance to keep old friends and make new ones!

Young Children

The very best thing you can do on moving day is to get a babysitter or family member to take care of the kids for you. Young children and babies will sense any stress or anxiety and this will rub off on them. If nana and pops can come along for the move and take them out for the day in their new neighbourhood it will make for a smoother move. This isn’t always possible with an interstate move, or family situations, in which case it may be worth considering a childcare facility for the day.

Get the kid’s room set up first for an easier moving day. You will then have a base where the child can stay, play and make their own. While you get on with the business of moving into the rest of the home!

Older Children and Teenagers

When you plan moving home with kids that are older, you will probably be met with more resistance but there are some tips for a happier moving day. Teenagers will also instantly feel more involved if you give them a job to work on.  You can also get them excited by asking them to come up with a mood board. Or design for their new bedroom, or paint a new kennel for the family dog. For teenagers that always have their nose stuck in a phone or iPad screen, ask them to help you out by researching the local area for you. They can choose some places of interest and activities to do as a family, or even find a restaurant to enjoy your first dinner in a new suburb.

On The Road

It’s wise to have a ‘Vital’ box in the car. A clear plastic tub with essentials such as baby wipes, snacks, phone charger, tea, coffee, noodles, bread, and a kettle. Kids are always hungry so at least you can pop on the kettle and make some 2minute noodles or a snack when you arrive. It’s also wise to keep some band-aids on hand just in case there are trips, splinters and falls in the move.


Something as simple as having your kids favourite toys near can help them settle into a new environment. Also, make sure that posters are up on the walls and the bed is in the same location in the room if possible. This all helps the transition to be easier

Remember that it all starts with you! Getting stressed early in the day will increase the risk of arguments and meltdowns. Plan ahead, book a trusted removalist to keep moving day running smoothly and have a schedule of the day in mind and you will have a happy family house move!