How to Choose a Motorcycle Transporter

There are many reasons you may have to transport your motorcycle. You may be moving interstate, taking it to a motorcycle show, or rally, selling one,  or buying one from overseas. You may even need an un-rideable or a vintage motorcycle delivered as part of a fix-up project. Whatever your reason knowing how to choose a motorcycle transporter is important. A motorcycle is a valuable possession and if you need to move it, you need it done right. There are definitely some careful considerations to take into account when choosing a motorcycle transporter, so you have a pleasant experience and a motorcycle which arrives in the same condition as you sent it.

Motorcycle transporter reputation

Ask friends if they know a motorcycle transporter or vehicle freight company before.  Or you can also check out our online transport marketplace where you can browse several companies in one spot. It is here where you can post your transport needs. The shipping company which can most closely fulfil your requirements will contact you. Always do your research about a company before choosing them. Doing this online is the easiest way to search for a motorcycle transporter for reviews. Ask around for motorcycle transporter in forums or Facebook groups. You may also want to take a look at some social media accounts and websites to get a feel for some shipping companies.

Budget motorcycle transport Costs

Your transport costs can vary depending on your requirements. Do you need the motorcycle moved urgently, or can you wait so the truck can maximise its trip with other deliveries? Is the motorcycle in a central location with easy access for an efficient pickup? Is your bike driveable? Can your motorcycle be transported on a flatbed truck, or you need to protect it from the weather in a closed-in trailer? How many km’s does the bike need to be shipped? All of these details will determine the final price.

Preparing a motorcycle for transport

This process requires some preparation from you before transporting your motorcycle. The fuel tank will need to be drained to a minimum. You will need to ensure there are no fuel or oil leaks for the safety of the driver and delivery truck. If you are buying, or selling, make sure you have an agreed condition report before the bike heads off on its journey.

Delivery of motorbike

You can reduce the cost of your motorbike transport by collecting your bike from a central delivery hub. Consider this if you want to minimise your costs.

Finally, look for a company that specialises in your type of transportation. They will have professional drivers who will know how to load and unload all kinds of motorbikes. Whether they are driveable or not, they will take good care of your bike during transit.

With a little research and time, you’ll soon know how to choose a motorcycle transporter.