How to market your removals business on a budget

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Starting out on your own can be equal parts exciting and daunting, particularly if you haven’t run your own business before. Friends, family and contacts will all have an opinion on how to start and how to market your removals business. However, their intentions may be good, but their business experience may not be. We’re here to provide you with essential tips and tools to get your removals business up, running and turning a profit by showing you how to market your removals business.

Why should the customer choose you?

Google removalists in your local area and it would be incredibly rare only to find one or two listings. So, you need to start by thinking ‘what sets you apart?’ Do you specialise in moving large homes and bulky items? Or do you focus on office relocations and commercial removals? Maybe you want to target interstate deliveries, or you operate your business in a green and sustainable way? Deciding your company values and unique selling points will underpin your business model and your marketing and branding.

Developing your brand image and name

Choose a name which stands out, is easy to remember and short enough to be printed on different media types. Think about how successful A Man And A Van is. It’s easy to remember, tells the customer exactly the service offered and can be used easily in ads. Play around with a few ideas, or post a job on Airtasker or Facebook for a freelancer, and ask a professional come up with some ideas.

When it comes to creating advertising, particularly for flyers and social media, you can play around with sites such as Canva which are easy to use and develop professional-looking advertisements and banners for free! But, if you don’t have a passion for the creative, then outsource your branding and logos to a digital marketing professional who specialises in small business and can create artwork and ads for you at a great price and that pack a punch.

Get a uniform

As a removalist, your van and you become your advertising and branding every minute you are out on the road, conducting jobs. Think about this scenario. You are moving furniture into a new commercial office building which is shared by multiple tenants. Your van is parked in the car park for several hours or for many trips, and you and your team are seen in the stairwells and lifts all day. Branding your business and acting professionally will ensure that your customer refers your removalist company to other tenants. Having clean, bright uniforms with your website or contact number displayed will help promote your business.

Share your removals knowledge!

Create a blog about removals with content full of useful articles and tips for those moving home or office. For example; Top ten tips for moving with kids and pets, or, how to prepare your boat for storage. Your articles are found when people perform a Google search, and by adding links to your website or quote pages, you will drive traffic to your website.  

Find an experienced content writer who understands SEO keywords, but be warned; there are plenty of companies who will promise the earth and not deliver. Be very wary if an SEO company pitch lands surprisingly in your inbox, promising to get you to the top Google rankings. There is no point ranking highly if customers do not stay and browse the content on your site. There are also no promises for an instant number #1 ranking in Google as these companies will be promising to your competitors too. This is not the right way to market your removals business.

Toot your own horn!

Ask customers to post reviews on your social media so you can share positive customer experiences on your site. You can also ask satisfied removals customers to share a badge for a referral gift or discount to their own social media networks. 

The important thing to remember when marketing your own removals business is that you can do a lot without spending big. Start small, concentrate on your niche and keep your marketing consistent.  Build a strong brand and a profitable removals company by following our tips to market your removals business

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