How To Move House During A Heatwave

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Australian summers can be scorchingly hot and it seems with every passing year the temperature count goes up.  Being sun-smart during summer should be something we all think about and follow, however, when it comes to knowing how to move house during a heatwave, she people are not aware of the potential health dangers.

You can’t always choose when you move home. Relationships breakdown, a sold sign appears on the board, or you move for work, school or retirement. Summer in Australia ties in with the New Year which for most is a time for fresh starts and new opportunities, whilst it’s an exciting time, it’s usually a hot one, so here are some key tips to move house safely in a heatwave.

Keep the stress levels low

move house during a heatwave
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When it’s hot outside it’s not just the temperature gauge that rises. Moving house can be a stressful time at any time of year, but add the heat and tempers can become fraught and emotions can run high.  Start your moving day off in a calm, peaceful and focussed way by making sure any children or pets are picked up and taken care of for the day by friends or relatives. This removes distractions, noise, arguments and any needless added stress. You should also leave the heavy lifting to the professional removalists and book a reputable local removalist to load up the truck for you. 

Hydrate yourself

move during a heatwave
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Drinking lots of water is important on a hot day, but staying hydrated is especially important if you are carrying out physical work. It’s also important to keep your electrolytes and blood sugars level too.  It’s a good idea to fill an esky with ice and place in there some water, cold drinks and electrolyte powders or drinks such as hydralyte.  Pack the esky with some sandwiches and snacks to keep hunger pangs and feeling light headed at bay. Remember to drink little and often, a common mistake is to wait until you feel thirsty to drink, by the time your body tells you to drink, you could already be dehydrated. Be sure to offer your removalists a welcome and refreshing drink too!

Ventilate where possible

As you pack up your boxes, open as many windows and doors as you can, particularly if you have shut off the electricity taking away the opportunity to use the air-conditioner.  Pack up your things later in the evening or before the sun comes up when the temperature is at its coolest. You may also want to pick a spot in the shade outside to wrap up precious items or to sort through your wardrobe.

Book an early move time

moving day
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You may not be able to choose what day you move, but you can choose what time you move.  When you book a professional removalist, ask for an early start or a later removalist booking. Experienced removalists will have moved in heat waves before and will probably encourage you to choose times when the temperature is at its lowest. It can be tempting to monitor the entire move, it’s only natural when you are entrusting all your personal belongings to a third party, but this can become irritating to the removals team. As long as you have done your research and booked a reputable remover, you should step back and let them get on with their job on a hot day.

Once the boxes to your new place are delivered, take your time unpacking and settling in. You may even want to consider booking a couple of nights in a local hotel, motel, or air bnb so you can rest your head on a comfortable bed with cool air conditioning for a couple of nights as you transition into your new home. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed, revived and ready to unpack boxes and arrange the furniture in your new home!

There you have it! Our top tips to move house during a heatwave.