How to settle your pet into your new home

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how to settle your pet into your new home. Ecoloads professional removalists

Moving home can be pretty stressful, and being able to settle your pet in your new home will make a move a much smoother and happier experience. After all, your dog or cat is part of the family, and the last thing you want to do is add stress or anxiety to your pet as you embark on your next chapter and settle into a new home.

The most obvious and frustrating fact is that we can’t talk to our pets. However, we can communicate with them in other ways which can calm your pet.

Dogs and cats absorb your emotions and can pick up on any tension and stress in the home. They are like little emotional sponges, and the moment they notice a shift in mood or atmosphere is the moment they begin to stress and worry. Make a conscious effort to remain calm and happy around your pet and ensure in the days leading up to your house move that there are lots of playtime, cuddles and grooming.

Dealing with an anxious pet

If you have an incredibly nervous or anxious pet, it’s worth exploring different treatments with your vets a couple of weeks before moving day. There are safe treatments that will help your pet in the short term to reduce feelings of anxiousness.

how to settle your pet in your new home. ecoloads professional movers

Look for signs of distress and worry in your pet. A dog may start to misbehave for attention, start destroying furniture, become introverted and off their food, or start pacing up and down. Cats can be a little harder to read but watch out for excessive grooming, hiding and missing the litter box.

The day before your the removalists arrive, put your dog or cat into boarding or with a family member. That way, you can concentrate on the move without worrying about your pet escaping, getting under your feet, or getting anxious. Consider leaving your pet for a day or two while you settle into your new place, and the removalists have left.

Bringing your pet to your new home

Before you bring your pet home, set up their bed and sleeping area in their usual spot, be it the kitchen, laundry or living room. Put their favourite toys around the bed, and put down a blanket with a familiar smell to help your pet settle in and feel they are in a familiar place.

Once your pet is home, try and get back into a familiar routine, but take a little time to get there. Cats will need to be kept in the house for at least three weeks to recognise the new place as home. Dogs will want to explore the home and garden, so keep them close by for a few days. Keep mealtime and walking routines the same as before the move if possible to aid the transition to your new home.

A little patience and a lot of calm cuddles will help your pet settle into your new home smoothly.

how to settle your pet in your new home. ecoloads professional movers