How To Ship Your Car From Gumtree

Transporting A Car From Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the largest online marketplaces and growing all the time.  You can buy all sorts of items and even apply for a job, but one of the largest categories is car sales.  You can pick yourself up a great bargain, below are some tips on how to ship your car from gumtree to home. There are some ‘watch outs’ to look out for before you commit to buying a car. You may also need to ship your car if you are buying interstate, or a car which is undriveable. This may seem a big task, or too expensive, but it’s actually quite easy and cheaper than you think if you know where to look.

Unfortunate as it sounds, people still fall for deals that seem too good to be true.  Be wary of sellers who add shipping to the total cost of the sale. Transporting a vehicle can vary day to day depending on fuel prices, time of year and how many cars they have booked on the trailer, so the seller cannot accurately assume how much this will cost. Use your own shipping company for a safer option and factor the quote into the total budget for your purchase.

Check yourself

Ask for some security in the form of a condition report so you don’t have any nasty surprises when the vehicle arrives and there is a realistic expectation with both parties.

Pay safe

Use a protected payment option such as PayPal, Should something go wrong, you then have some form of protection.  Alarm bells should ring if you are pressured to use Western Union or similar money transfer companies.

Time has come to ship your car from Gumtree !

how to ship your car from gumtree

So you have bought your dream car and it’s time to transport it!  Here are some tips to get the best deal if you want to ship your car:-

  • How do you need it transported?
    • Towed, container, open trailer or tractor trailer?
  • Does your car start? Or is it undriveable? This will affect loading and unloading options
  • How quickly do you need it? Are you happy to wait while other deliveries are made? Or do you want your new purchase brought straight to you with no detours
  • If someone is driving your car, be mindful that there may be road damage and wear and tear, not to mention the extra miles
  • Where will your car’s final destination be? A main highway, or major town will cost less than delivering out to a more remote location. The car transporter may only be able to access main roads (they won’t be able to turn around in a cul-de-sac)

Remember to give your Gumtree seller as much information as possible. Try as hard as you can to ensure the driver turns up on time so that their day isn’t spent waiting around.  Give your driver the condition report and copies of photos, so they can call you if there is a glaring error; although be mindful that your driver is not responsible in anyway for the condition of the vehicle they pick up. This is to be agreed and dealt with between buyer and seller only.

Get on Gumtree today and take a good look at all the cars for sale. You may find yourself some wheels that fit your lifestyle and budget, or you may purchase a fixer-upper as your next hobby, and ship your car to wherever you are in Australia!