How to Move a Dressing table, including Cabinets & Drawers

Tips on shipping cabinets, drawers, and move a dressing table.

Take a look around your apartment or house. You will see that most of your storage furniture is either a cabinet, a set of drawers or move a dressing table. They can be contemporary flat pack items; they can be heirlooms or quality crafted one-off pieces. Which may have been in the family for generations. Cabinets, drawers and dressers are usually located in the centre point of the home. They are much loved and used pieces of family furniture which nestle into a perfect corner or wall. On the downside, they can also be large and cumbersome depending on the style and age of your furniture. This can make for some awkward lifting when moving and shipping for a house move! With some smart tips and tricks when dismantling and packing you can ensure your furniture (and your back) stays intact!

Solid wood and craft made items

These items are often valuable, solid, sturdy, and heavy which make it hard to move a dressing table. Pulling them apart is not an option, but you can lighten the load quite significantly by removing the drawers. When you wrap your set of drawers pay particular attention to the corners and the handles. These are the areas that are more likely to get damaged, scratched, or scuffed in the moving process. Wrapping these in bubble wrap will prevent this. Also, tape the keys for any lockable doors to the frame so you don’t lose them in a hectic house move.

Finally, always use a trolley or enlist a professional removalist to help you with heavy items so that you don’t damage your back. A trolley on hand is always helpful too when large pieces of furniture are needed to be moved.

Flat pack contemporary furniture

Modular and flat pack furniture is usually made of much lighter material. It can be taken apart easily which is ultra handy when you need to move house. One tip is to try and keep all of your instruction booklets as you purchase so you know how to put the furniture back together. The stores you purchased from can also help you source these.

Tape the frame pieces together and tape the shelves and inserts separately. This makes it easy to put items back together. Plus you can write directly on to the tape so you know which parts go where! Another great tip is to pop the right Allen key, screws, nuts and bolts for your unit in a zip lock bag and tape that to the frame of your furniture item. When you unpack, you will have everything you need to put your cabinets, drawers and dressers back together quickly and easily.

Although some items may be light, they are often awkward and large in size to move. Always try and dismantle the furniture if you can, or at least remove the drawers. If the drawers cannot be removed, remember to tape them up.  This way they don’t slide out and cause you injury and damage during the move.

How to move cabinets, drawers and dressers

Following these tips will ensure you have a smoother, stress-free move when it comes to move a dressing table and other storage items from your home.