How to Prepare White Goods For a House Move?

What are white goods?

White goods are classified as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers, they are so called because most of the time they are white!

Moving white goods can be stressful back-breaking work and often come in awkward sizes. Most of them will also need some preparation and set up before moving day.  Here are some top tips for moving your white goods and appliances safely.

Will they measure up?

Double check your measuring!  Most spaces for white goods are very tight and it’s well worth double checking all measurements. It is also worth checking which way the doors open to ensure you can use your appliances right away.  If they don’t fit, don’t try and make them.  It is time to sell and upgrade to a new appliance in your new home. Also check where the plugs, pipes, and connectors are so that your appliances will fit correctly without stray wires or a pipe that is too far away.

moving white goods


Firstly you will need to defrost your freezer, so start using up your food in the weeks leading up to the move and throwing away anything expired and lurking at the back. Unplug your fridge or freezer 24hours before the move and let the ice melt away. Depending on the last time you defrosted your appliance, it can be a bit of a stinky affair so have a mop ready!  Keep the power off and the door open to let it air and dry. when moving white goods it’s essential that you keep your fridge and freezer upright, your removalist will know how best to store it in the van. Once it’s on the van, tape the doors shut so they don’t swing open during the move.


Get a professional oven cleaner in before the move so you have a fresh clean oven in your new home.  You can unplug electrical ovens yourself, but a professional plumber for safety reasons should disconnect gas ovens.  If in doubt ask the experts and always take extra precautions when dealing with gas.


Put your dishwasher on an empty cycle to clean the machine, then unplug, open the door and leave to dry.  Tape the door shut before you put it on the removal truck so it doesn’t swing open in the move and damage you, or another piece of furniture.

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers

Washing machines will need to be drained and unplugged 24hrs before the move so they are dry.  Put the pipes inside the drum so you know where to find them when you reconnect.

Moving white goods often means heavy lifting, so don’t try to move them yourself, a professional furniture removalist will have trolleys and sliders to help move your white goods with ease. If you don’t have access to a removalist, use a trolley and enlist a friend to help.