Packing Up Your Home Office For a House Move

A home office is an important hub for your business or studies. Your business and livelihood is run out of your home and you will need to get up and running in your new home as soon as possible to keep your business moving. Here are some top tips and considerations to make sure your home office moves to it’s new location smoothly and efficiently. This way you can get back in business as soon as possible!

Time to tidy

Moving is a great excuse to get to grips with your home office and do a thorough clean up and purge of unwanted items:-

  • Chuck out scraps of paper, broken stationery and old magazines
  • Collect all those important phone numbers and email addresses you have scribbled on post-it notes. Consider putting them in a rolodex or in your phone
  • Recycle and dispose of old stock, cables, samples and toners safely
  • Chuck out any old and broken equipment
Packing up your home office for a move

Time To Pack

Once you have completed a thorough tidy up and spring clean, it’s time to pack up your items. Make sure you set aside one box that has the essentials. Include your iPad, laptop, notebook and a couple of pens, charging cables and your business contacts. Thanks to that, you can take urgent calls during the move to keep your business moving. If your business is basing on phone it may be worth buying an extra power pack. You should do this just in case your phone or laptop battery dies, or your power is not connected on arrival at your new home.

Back up data to your cloud account or on a USB. It is unlikely you will lose your information, but should you or frieght company drop or damage your Mac, you will want to be able to retrieve all your documents and data.

Unplug all your computer equipment. For ease of setting up in your new home tape, or label up each cable so you know which is for your computer, printer, or speakers, for computer repair check Fold up your cables and put a rubber band around them to stop them tangling in the box.

Wrap books and paperwork in boxes and pack with newspaper so they don’t move around or mix up pages and folders during your move.

In the Van

Load your computer carefully into the van. If you have the original box, store it in there. If not, wrap in bubble wrap to keep it safe from dust and damage. Ensure your computer stays upright in transit. Wrap your keyboard and mouse together so you can easily find them when unpacking. Remember to label up all your boxes so you can get to what you need easily.

If your home office is your main business you may want to send the equipment in the first run. Alternatively put it last in the van so it is first out and you can set it up quickly, giving you minimal downtime.

A little planning and organising before your moving day will give you a smooth home office move with minimal disruption. This will enable you to get back in business as soon as possible.