How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Transport

How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

So you need to transport your motorcycle. Before you start to prepare your motorcycle for transport, you have searched for the right transportation option. You have chosen the company to suit you. You have locked in the pickup and delivery dates. Now is the time for you to prepare your motorbike before pick up. Following a few, simple and courteous tips will make for a pleasant delivery experience for both yourself and the freight company.

Clean your bike

Firstly, give your motorcycle a thorough clean and detail. This removes any debris and dust which may cause an issue in transit and will also reveal any hidden scratches or loose mirrors which need tightening.

Prepare your motorcycle condition report

Once you have cleaned your motorcycle you will then need to spend some time compiling a detailed condition report. Note down any marks, dents, scratches and cracks on your vehicle. A good idea is to take photos with a date stamp so you can present a copy of these to the transporter on collection. This is an important step because it ensures that your motorbike arrives in the same condition it was collected in. This will leave little room for dispute. If you are selling your motorcycle and delivering to a buyer, ensure that the buyer agrees to the condition and sees the report before you ship.

Note down and inform the driver of any niggling issues with the motorbike. Depending on the kind of transport you are choosing, the freight company may have to load and unload your vehicle several times during the trip.  It’s good to know if there are any quirky issues or ways to start your motorcycle.

Check freight company requirements

Double check with the freight company for any specific requirements before they pick up your motorcycle. Does the tank need to be drained of fuel? What about water or oil? Also make sure that all leaks, however small, are fixed. Oil and fuel leaks can be hazardous and fire danger for the driver on the journey.

Make sure you charge your battery to full. It will be a great inconvenience to the driver if they cannot move your bike easily during transit and provide a cover for your bike if the truck has an open trailer and you wish to protect it from the elements.

Take time to prepare your motorcycle

By taking the time to prepare your motorcycle for transport to the requirements of the transport company, you will make the driver’s job easier. This will reduce the chance of conflict, or surprise regarding damage on delivery. The easier it is to load and unload your motorcycle, the faster it will get to you!