Preparing For Towing Your Car Safely

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If you haven’t towed a car before, you probably sit in two camps as you prepare towing your car.  One is the ‘hey, how hard can it be to hitch a car or trailer?’ and the second is ‘Won’t this be dangerous? I feel a little nervous’.

Both lines of thought are correct when it comes to towing your car. Once you know what you are doing and fully understand the risks it is quite easy to tow a trailer or a car. However, if you don’t understand the road rules, preparation, and dangers of towing what’s behind you, your car can become a death trap to you and to others.

How to prepare for towing your car

Before you think about the fixtures and fittings required to attach your car or trailer, your focus needs to be on what you are going to tow. You will need to check the following items to ensure that what you are towing is road safe:-

  • Is the wheel balance aligned?
  • Are the tyres roadworthy and safe?
  • Are the backlights of your trailer working
  • Is the steering in good order
  • have you checked the car for oil and fuel leaks?
  • Have you emptied the car and removed any loose items from the car and/or trailer

Once your car is prepared for towing

You will need to attach a hitch to your car if one is not already installed. A dangerous mistake is to attach the hitch to the bumper which will easily pull away and cause chaos and danger on the roads. If you are not 100% sure how to attach the hitch, take your vehicle to a mechanic who can attach safely for you.

Once you have your hitch attached, it’s time to think about tow ropes and torque.  This is extremely important. If the tow rope is too tight, you could risk your trailer or car slamming into the back of your car. If the rope is too loose you lose control of the trailer or car behind you and it will swerve wildly on the road.

Do not use a thin, household rope as it will fray and snap easily. Ensure you purchase tough tow rope designed specifically for the job.

If you are not trained in towing your car or have someone on hand with experience to help you, it is best to call in a car transporter who has experience in towing cars on Australian roads and understands the road rules and risks associated. The cost, in the long run, could well be worth it.