How To Properly Care For Your Piano

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properly care for your piano

Pianos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages. There’s the large electronic Yamaha which takes up half your dorm room, a Baby Grand in a large foyer or hallway, or the old faithful upright on which you once learnt to play your first scales and now utilises itself as a shelf for your laundry. Whatever piano you have, they will usually be a large investment both in money and sentimentality, so how do you properly care for your piano so it lasts through the years?

properly care for your keyboard

Regularly Dust Your Piano

Dust is the enemy of a piano and can cause damage to the keys and its inside mechanisms. If you have an older style piano, ensure that the lid is down and covering the keys when not in use. You may be tempted to keep the lid up for aesthetic reasons, but you’ll run the risk of losing tune and performance. For all makes and models of piano, the best dust buster is a slightly damp fibre free cloth. No fancy polishes or sprays are needed as the build-up from aerosols can get into the keys. Wipe the keys and keyboard gently once a week and be careful to wring the cloth out tight so it is only mildly damp.

properly care for your piano

Regular Piano Tuning Is Important

Book in an annual tune-up of your piano, even if you think it’s fine. A quick check over and tune up, once a year will keep your piano running for years without any drop in performance.

properly care for your piano

Treat Your Piano With Love

Where you place your piano is extremely important when properly caring for your beloved musical instrument.  Take a look where your piano is right now. Is it in a conservatory or by a window which gets lots of sunlight which can bleach or warp the wood? Is it located in a busy part of the house, near the kid’s toys, where your piano can get knocked, scratched, or where internal door bangs on it constantly? Or, is it in a spare room or garage which is susceptible to mould and damp?  Can you even see your piano, or is it hidden under piles of books, pot plants or laundry?

moving your piano safely

Get The Professionals To Move Your Piano

Pianos are HEAVY! People often make the mistake of trying to move a piano themselves which can lead to your piano being knocked, dropped, or toppling over whilst being dragged to a different room, or when moving home. Protect your investment by employing the services of a professional piano mover, who will know the correct procedures and move your piano with great care and attention. Your back will thank you for it too!

Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home or lobby area and by carrying out these simple piano maintenance checks you’ll have an instrument that lasts years and years and be a beloved piece for the next generation.