Registering Your Car Interstate – What You Need To Know

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Australian law dictates that every vehicle out on the road needs to be registered.  Cars also need to be re-registered if moving your car interstate.  This ensures safety and insurance protection for drivers.  However, rules and registration requirements change from state to state and you need to understand the differences. So, if you’re relocating, it’s worth taking into consideration the costs and requirements needed before shipping your car interstate.

Below are the key requirements along with some handy links so you can understand each Australian state’s requirements when registering your car interstate.

VIC Interstate Registration

  • Attend Vic Roads Customer Service and gain a certificate of roadworthiness
  • Make an appointment and take with you I.D. proof of ownership
  • The car is then approved to meet VIC Roads safety and condition guidelines
  • Remember to take tools to add you’re new plates!

NSW Interstate Registration

  • Visit a NSW Roads and Maritime Service Centre and take ID and proof of vehicle ownership
  • Take valid green and blue slip
  • Declare any modifications
  • Complete application form
  • Receive new plates and compliance certification

QLD Interstate Registration

SA Interstate Registration

  • In SA you have 3 months to register your vehicle
  • Update your driver’s licence to SA
  • Book a vehicle inspection
  • Pay stamp duty and reg fees
  • Get your new plates

WA Interstate Registration

  • All vehicles need to be inspected for safety
  • Complete the application to licence vehicle form
  • Provide I.D and proof of ownership
  • Submit application in person to Driver and Vehicle Service Centre

TAS Interstate Registration

  • In Tasmania, you have 3 months to register your vehicle
  • Complete re-establish Rego forms
  • Attend Service Tasmania Shop with I.D and proof of ownership
  • Get your new TAS plates from Transport Tasmania

Cost: It can cost up to a few hundred dollars depending on car make and model and repairs to meet requirements. So, before you begin shipping your car interstate, call the relevant service centre so you don’t get a nasty shock at the counter.