Relocating? 5 Benefits Of Shipping Your Car Interstate

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Awesome news! You’ve got a huge promotion, your dream job, or placement at your chosen university. Once the news sinks in and you’ve had a few celebratory drinks, it’s time to start planning the big move. It can be tempting to pack everything up in the car and drive interstate, but there are some great benefits of shipping your car interstate instead and we’re here to share our top 5 reasons to get that car shipped interstate!

No Mileage

benefits of shipping your car interstate

Sydney to Perth is a whopping 3,933 KM’s which is about 41 hours of solid driving time. That’s a lot of  KM’s to add to your car odometer, particularly if it’s a newer vehicle. Then you need to add the tyre tread wear or replacement, the balancing, parts replacement that kind of trip puts your car through.

No Stress

benefits of shipping your car interstate

The dawn drives, the long boring roads, the arguments, the stress and the heat! If you don’t have enough days allocated to take your time and enjoy the sights and townships you pass through, put your car on a multi-vehicle trailer and enjoy a fuss-free flight to your new destination.

Cost Effective

benefits of shipping our car interstate

You may think transporting your car interstate will be expensive, but if you weigh up the true cost of your time, fuel, tolls, KM’s added to your car and the wear and tear involved in a long trip shipping your car work out to be a cost-effective option. Hop online to grab an instant quote to see just how cheap shipping your car can be.


benefits of shipping your car interstate

Wave your car off in Sydney and greet it when you arrive in Brisbane! No worry, no stress and you can arrive ready to take your new future head-on. Hop online, post your job, get a quote and your car is booked and ready to go! You can explore your new town or city straight away and get your bearings, giving you independence and a sense of freedom straight away.

It’s Green!

benefits of shipping your car interstate

Shipping your car on a multi-vehicle trailer means that you aren’t pumping thousands of KM’s of CO2 into the atmosphere. Claiming a spot on a car transport vehicle means only one vehicle is making its way interstate and reduces congestion out on the roads. Share the load and do your bit to reduce the carbon footprint you make. By shipping your car interstate, you can turn up to your new destination with some serious green karma points in the bank.