Shipping living room furniture safely

Shipping living room furniture safely isn’t easy

The couch or ‘sofa’ is by far one of the most used and loved items of furniture in most people’s homes.  Whether it’s the family couch in the den or a sleek sofa in a modern apartment, it really is the centre point of the home.  They come in all shapes and sizes; Standard 3-piece suites, L-shaped couches, futons, leather chesterfields, reading chairs and large, super comfy LazyBoys. When it comes time to move, how do you make shipping living room furniture safe and easy?

If you are moving your couch or sofa in a house move it can be a little cumbersome.  The shapes are often difficult to carry and hold.  You wonder how you even got them into the home in the first place! Squeezing them through the door without scuffing or scratching the furniture can be problematic; add to that couches are made of soft fabric or expensive leather there can be a high chance of damage and staining.  They are also pretty heavy and the last thing you need is to put your back out.

Make the move easier

Firstly take off the cushions and wrap them in plastic, or use linen and sheets. Your removalist can supply wrapping and protective covers for you if needed.  This will make the sofa easier to move and lighter, it will also help you to find a place to hold and grip to move.  If your couch has castors or feet, remove them.  It will make the item a few inches smaller. This can make that vital bit of difference when trying to squeeze through a tight doorway.  Remember to keep them all in a plastic zip lock bag so you can find them easily when you get to your new home.

The heavy lifting

Furniture sliders are a great way to move sofas and chairs across a room out to the removal truck. With heavier items, it is worth using a professional removalist.  They will know the best way to move your chairs and sofas out the door with minimal fuss and damage. If you don’t have access to a removalist, enlist the help of a friend to help you move and hire a trolley, or other equipment, to make the move quicker and safer.

Will it fit?

shipping living room furniture

If you have a curved lounge or an L-shape lounge suite it is worth double checking the measurements when shipping living room furniture to ensure it will fit into your new home.  You will be surprised how many people guess it will fit. They have measured the spot in the living room, but not the narrow doorways of entry.

A great tip before shipping your living room furniture is to give your couch a leather treatment or freshen up with a fabric clean before you wrap.  It will then be fresh clean and ready like new for a life in your new home!