The Best Way to Dispose Of A Mattress

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A good mattress can give you many years and nights of pleasant sleep, rest and relaxation. However, when the time comes to dispose of a mattress, it can be hard to know what to do with one of the heaviest and cumbersome items of furniture in your home.

At ecoloads, we have moved thousands of mattresses and below are our best ways to dispose of a mattress.

Free council pick up

Booking a furniture pick up with your local council is an easy and free way to dispose of your mattress. However, it’s best to double-check what your local council does with the mattresses they pick up. Not all collections are recycled and sending your mattress to landfill is not ideal. You will also need to lift your heavy mattress and drag it kerbside ready for pick up.

Donate or sell your mattress

If you are moving house. Your mattress may be in good condition without broken down springs or stains, so you may want to consider sale or donation. Holding a garage sale is a good way to earn some cash to put towards your removalist payment or interior design items for your new pad! You could also earn some good karma points by donating your mattress or other items. Seek out some local charities or even put a call out in your neighbourhood Facebook group. You may find an organisation or a local family that may be in need of some second-hand furniture in good condition.

think about donating your mattress
Photo by Haley Owens on Unsplash

Recycle your mattress

Did you now that for every 10 tonnes of recycled mattress material you could:-

  • Power 14.5 households with electricity
  • Take four cars off the road permanently
  • Save enough water to fill 3.5 backyard swimming pools

Makes sense to recycle your mattress, right? An Australian organisation called Soft Landing will come and collect your mattress from your home, take it away and recycle its contents. This service will set you back about $50 for collection, but for the price of a Friday night takeaway, you will not only contribute to reducing landfill, but you’ll actively be working towards saving the environment too!

Have a removalist take it away

If you have a large amount of garden and household rubbish along with your mattress, you may want to book a local, professional rubbish collection. You will need to pay for the service, but the plus side is that the professional rubbish removalists will come to your house and do all the heavy lifting and clearing for you!

Never dispose of a mattress this way

Do not even consider polluting the atmosphere and breaking council restrictions by contemplating burning your mattress or other furniture items. It is illegal and woefully bad for the environment. It is also illegal to dump a mattress kerbside with no council booking and hope that somehow it magically goes away. It’s not cool. There are plenty of options listed here to dispose of a mattress safely, for free, by using a removalist and to do good for the environment.

never illegally dispose of a mattress
Photo by STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash