Top 5 Boat Transportation Tips

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When it comes to boat transportation tips, the ecoloads experts have you covered! There are so many different types of boats, and when it comes to boat transportation, knowing where to start can become a little overwhelming and confusing. We are here to give you five of our top tips when it comes to smooth boat transportation.

Use linseed oil on wooden boats

If you have a wooden boat, it’s a good idea to coat the boat with a good slather of linseed oil before it’s picked up for transportation. Boiled linseed oil seeps deep into the wood and with regular use creates a barrier of protection from water and also from drying out during transportation.

Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash

Pack sails away

This may seem a pretty obvious tip. However, many boat owners think it’s ok to simply fold down the sails, or even leave some sails upright! Not packing down your sails and wrapping in suitable covers increases the likelihood of damage during transit. Not packing your boat down correctly also increases the risk of your boat transporter refusing to take your vessel.

Insurances and paperwork

Don’t fall foul of a clause from a boat broker. Or, leave a box unticked which leaves you at a loss if your boat is damaged during transportation. Deal direct with a professional boat transporter and make sure you fully understand what is covered, if anything, in the case of accident or damage.

transporting a boat with sails

Where will your transporter pick up?

Again, this may seem a very obvious boat transportation question. However, you’ll be surprised how many boat owners don’t communicate the exact location of their vessel. There are many different trailers, tools and procedures used depending on if the boat is an old but reliable tinny on your driveway, or a catamaran housed at the local marina. Be sure to tell your boat transport as many details about the pick up and delivery locations as possible.

Be flexible for a reduced rate!

If you can be flexible with pick up and delivery dates, or wait a little longer for your boat to arrive, your local boat transporter will likely pass on some savings to you. For example;- If you can wait three days so the boat transporter can pick up another vessel on the return trip, they will likely pass the savings on to you. Remember to ask for any deals at time of booking.

boats in a marina

Whether it’s a fishing boat, catamaran, cuddy cabin, or family sail boat, ecoloads has a range of professional boat transporters who can transport your boat safely anywhere in Australia!