Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Home

Looking for tips for selling your home? Selling your home is a stressful time. The longer your home is on the market, worries and pressure begins to increase. Is my house ever going to sell? Why don’t people want to live in my home? How can I balance two mortgages? What about a looming moving day? A quick sale at the right price will relieve all of those pressures and enable you to move on and begin a bright future in your new home, wherever that may be.

Getting the best price without spending big on renovations is the aim of most sellers. So, how do you sell your home without splashing the cash? Below are our top 5 tips to selling your home which won’t break the bank.

Remove all the clutter

You want people to see your home, not your personal belongings. Cluttered kitchens will make the room feel small, toys and knick-knacks dotted around your home will draw buyers eyes to the items rather than the layout of your home. Removing the clutter will not only give buyers a chance to see how they could live in your home and make it your own but will also make your home look larger and less cramped.

Remove the colour

You should embrace your personal style, but if you have large graphics on the kid’s walls or bright mixed colours throughout, buyers just see work to do before they move in, which is a big negative. You are moving out, so leave a neutral colour throughout so buyers can imagine moving straight in and adding their own personal stamp on their new home.

Street appeal is everything

As you drive up to your property, what do you see? Are bushes overgrown? Is the driveway concrete cracked with withering weeds poking through? Can you clearly see the front door or main entry?  If you are in an apartment, what does the lobby look like? Are old letters scattered across the floor and cobwebs looming in drafty corners?  Roll up your sleeves and get to work pruning and fixing so that your buyers feel joy and optimism about what lies behind the front door, rather than instant negatives.

Focus on your features

If you are in an older home, make a feature of cornices and paint rails which are a unique selling feature of your home. If you have large windows that let the light in, then remove heavy window treatments and crumpled curtains.  Does the kitchen window have a beautiful view of your garden? Make sure windows are fixed, clean and bright to show off the view. Does your apartment have a large master bedroom with built-ins? Get some fancy matching bedding and furniture to show off the luxurious space.

Create warm and welcoming spaces

When you invite guests into your home, are they led down a cold stark hallway? Is the living room drafty with large cold tiles? Work on creating a warm and cosy feeling by changing your lighting and light bulbs to a consistent warm glow and put lamps in studies and bedrooms to give off a comforting vibe. You will be amazed at how changing the lighting and adding a few matching cushions and throws can create a warm, cosy and comfortable living space.

You can also create a house for sale flyers online for your home, where you can add your photos of your home and details. You can use these flyers to share on social media platforms or with real estate agents & with other peoples.

There you have it, 5 top tips for selling your home without breaking the bank or adding stress to your move! Remember when moving day comes, post your removals job for free on the ecoloads website and let professional removalists bid on your job!

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