Wake Up Early With Energy!

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We all want to wake up early, so why do so many of us smash the snooze button and end up rushing around every morning? The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are great, and if you’re a driver, your work is likely to start earlier than most and it’s vital you are awake, alert and full of energy.

There are so many benefits to getting up just half an hour earlier than you normally would. You can use that time to plan your day, send out some invoices, have a sweat session, or stretch into your day with some mindfulness and yoga.  You also need to be sensible about it. We can’t all be insane like Bill Clinton, or Nikola Tesla and have five or less hours of sleep a night, but we can get a good routine going to have us waking up full of energy!

So, how can you wake up early every morning and bounce out of bed?

herbal tea before bed

The Night Before

Plan ahead. Have your clothes ready and your bag packed. Check your truck or car and make sure you have all the tools you need for the day ahead. Pack your lunch and put it in the fridge along with a shake, or smoothie so you are ready to go. Put your keys by the door or in an easy to find spot, so you aren’t wasting time in the morning and getting stressed.

It may sound boring, but get to bed early! Eating and drinking late will give you a disturbed sleep. Have a calming herbal tea an hour before bed and try and eat before 8 pm if you can. Put yourself on a phone ban 2 hours before bed and calm your mind before hitting the hay.

Set Your Alarm

There is nothing more jarring than your angry, aggressive alarm bursting through your dreams and waking you up in the morning. It gives you a fright, even though you know it’s coming and starts your morning with a hit of the snooze button and a bad mood. Why do we have these loud ringing alarms? If you use your phone like most of us do, you can choose a tune that’ll get you moving, pick a classic happy dance tune you love which is full of energy. You can also get alarms and use Google Home, to wake you from your slumber gently.

good start to the day

Choose One Thing To Do

If you successfully complete one thing first thing in the morning you are likely to have a positive mindset and the enthusiasm to get stuff done during the day. Plan a PT session with your mate and get those endorphins going and those muscles activated, send off a couple invoices to clients, fill your car with petrol or submit that resume, put that laundry in the washing machine. You don’t need to smash through hours of work, just choose one thing to do which will make you feel better and under control for the day. Once you get into a regular habit, you’ll start to see your to-do list shrink, or the fat start to burn away. Both of these things will spur you on and give you the energy to get up early and get stuff done!

treat breakfast

Treat Yoself!

Getting up early is hard, so when you do, treat yourself!  Go to your favourite coffee shop, or make your favourite breakfast. Reward yourself for being up and out the door early and full of energy, this will bed itself into your work/reward psyche and associate getting up early with nice things, not struggling to get out of bed.

There you have it, some practical tips to getting up early regularly and bouncing out the door.  Go get successful!