What’s The Best Packing Tape To Use In A House Move?

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Yeah, we get it, you’re moving house, one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Why does it matter what tape is used for packing boxes? But, choosing the right tape can save you time, reduce stress in the lead up to the move, and most importantly protect your personal items during the moving process.

First up, invest in a couple of tape guns and quality Stanley knives.  Your hands and fingernails will thank you for the tape gun, and using them will save you a lot of time when it comes to putting moving boxes together and sealing them.  The Stanley knives will help you unpack boxes quickly and easily at the other end, keep them in a sealed box away from the kids though for safety!

Which Tape Is Best For Packing Boxes?

You might think hopping down the to the local convenience or dollar store is the right place to grab some packing tape.  Sure, it may only cost you a dollar or two, but that won’t matter when your boxes start coming unstuck, and your items fall out or get damaged.


Tape NOT to use:

Cheap dollar shop Tape

Stationery Tape

Electrical Tape

Craft, or Washi Tape

Masking Tape


Tape TO use:

Duct tape for heavy goods and to waterproof seals

Branded packaging tape in brown or clear


Packaging tape comes in a range of width and adhesive qualities, so investing in a 6-pack of packaging tape will ensure that you get a strong packing tape which will fit in most tape guns and keep your boxes tight and secure. Some people think that masking tape will do, but it has very little adhesive and tends to peel and come unstuck, particularly if it gets damp.

The heavier the items, the thicker and stickier the tape should be, but standard packing tape from Bunnings or Officeworks will suffice for your average house move. Ask your retailer about low noise tapes which are available too.  There is nothing more grating than the sound of squeaky tape, especially if you have 100 boxes to tape up and seal!

How To Tape Up A Moving Box

There are lots of ways to tape up a moving box, but you don’t want to spend too much time preparing each moving box or wrapping your box over and over with tape.  A quick tip is to fold the two short sides of the box in, then the two long sides to make the base of the box. Then grab your tape gun and seal each edge, followed by one or two strips of tape across the seam creating an H shape with the tape.  If you want some extra strength for heavier boxes, add a cross shape across the base in tape.


There you have it!  A few quick tips on the best packaging tape for you to use in a house move which will save you time and reduce stress, hassle, and save your hands and fingers! Check out our other moving blog posts to make moving home as simple and hassle-free as possible!