Moving A Glass Table Top The Safe Way

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Moving a glass table top can be a treacherous business with many risks. Not only is there a risk to damaging the table, but you can hurt yourself in the process.  Glass table tops can be extremely heavy yet also fragile, with the slightest knock or drop causing cracks and at worst a smashed glass table, so it pays to do a little preparation before you begin.

Before You Move Your Glass Table Top

Walk the pathway through your home from the table to the delivery van; it’s here you will likely spot trip hazards or narrow spaces to navigate.  Make sure any cords, cables and boxes are safely out of the way so you can travel smoothly through to the delivery van with minimum hold up and risk of dropping and damage.

Then, grab a blanket, and some bubble wrap. A blanket may seem a strange item, but all will be revealed. Also, if you aren’t using a professional removalist, make sure you get a mate to help you, your back will thank you for it at the end of the afternoon!

Dismantling Your Glass Table Top

Some older glass table tops are just rested on the top of a table frame and legs; others are secured in various ways. Take a careful look and see what kind of table you have.

Screwed In Glass Table Tops

This is where your blanket comes in!  Lie the blanket in front of the table and tip it with the help of a friend onto the blanket, Then gently flip it upside down. This will give you easy access to unscrew and separate the table frame and legs from the glass easily.  Gather the pieces of the frame together and take them out to the van. Then you can wrap your table top in the blanket to protect from scratches and then wrap again in bubble wrap, tape and then carry carefully out to the delivery truck.

Unsecured Glass Table Tops

Grab a second person and carefully lift the table top onto the blanket following the steps as above for wrapping. The soft landing onto the blanket will prevent a shock to the glass which can cause the glass to crack and shatter and the blanket already sitting underneath the glass makes for easy wrapping and protecting.

When it comes to bubble wrap, choose the biggest bubbles you can find for maximum protection of your glass.  You should also cover the table top with some large pieces of cardboard, or a flat packed cardboard box as extra protection, which will also make it easier to carry.

Fragile Packaging Fragile Cardboard Package Carton

How To Place Your Glass Table Top In A Removals Van

When moving a glass table top it should always be put into the back of a van side up.  Lying a glass table top down flat can cause damage through vibrations and bumps in the road.  If the table top is laid flat, boxes and furniture can be put on top of the glass which can break it adn cause serious injury.

Remember that glass table tops are often far heavier than you think, so always have someone on hand to help you and brace your back when lifting heavy items.  Glass table tops are beautiful to look at, but they can be fragile. So, take your time when moving them. Think about bringing in a professional removalist, rather than risking injury.