Why are indoor house plants suddenly so popular?

If you are a frequent scroller of Pinterest and Instagram, you will have noticed a new craze. Insta Plant Life. Sun-drenched apartments and stylish desks surrounded by vibrant green leaves. Clutter is out and instead, beautiful, dreamy houseplants crawl across picture rails and fall gently down wardrobe doors giving even new build apartments and studios an instant boho feel.

So, why the craze? Plants have been around forever, but they have never been so popular indoors and have moved from manicured gardens and greenhouses into our homes. What has made indoor house plants so popular right now and what benefits do being surrounded by plants and greenery bring?

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels
Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

So many of us across the world this year were in lockdown or working from home and our apartments and homes became both our sanctuary’s and our temporary prisons. Some of us downsized, moved homes or moved back home due to financial or personal changes. Some rented out spare rooms and we all took the time at home to clear out de-clutter and re-set. Having indoor houseplants scattered about the place have brought joy, calm and created a space we enjoy to be in.

Some science backed benefits of having indoor plants

  • Plants boost your mental health. Being surrounded by plants brings about feelings of calm and well being.
  • Better sleep. If you feel calmer and your mind isn’t racing so much, you will sleep better and and a good night’s sleep is a springboard to better overall general health.
  • Increased immunity. Good general health and wellbeing gives your body a jumpstart with immunity. You may notice you get less sniffles, coughs and colds.
Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels Why are indoor house plants suddenly so popular?
Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

What are the best house plants for apartments?

Thousands of us live in inner-city suburbs and small apartments. The thought of having to maintain and keep a bunch of house plants alive may bring about more feelings of anxiousness rather than the calm they are meant to introduce to the home. Particularly as Aussies are thought to have killed over 72 million houseplants last year! However, have no fear, there are plenty of easy to maintain and pretty to look at indoor house plants for apartments with even the tiniest glimpses of sunlight.

  • Air plants
  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Zanzibar Gem
  • Peace Lily
  • Build a terrarium
  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • Maindenhair Fern

Which indoor house plants are pet friendly?

All plants that are good for us, may not necessarily be good for our pets. If you have pets in the home, then you should think carefully and do some research as certain plants such as Aloe Vera, Lillies and Ponsietta’s are toxic to animals.

Click here for common plants which are toxic to pets.

If you are moving home, or about to share with some new flatmates, then treat yourself to some stylish plant pots and plant hangers to fill your home with vibrant greens and textured leaves which will turn a bland room into an instagrammable interior busting with colour and calm vibes!

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels Why are indoor plants suddenly so popular? Ecoloads
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels