Home & office removal

Moving double story house

Kings Park, NSW, 2148
Maraylya, NSW, 2765
22.8 km (EST. 27 mins)
Friday, 30th Oct 2020

Moving from 2 home

Moving to 1 home

Estimated inventory size: 16 cubic meters

! Inventory size estimation was auto-generated at best-effort basis based on the average size of items listed by the job owner and might differ from the actual capacity of inventory in this job posting.


(1x) 6 seater dining table (2x) bedside table (3x) bench (1x) chest of drawers (1x) desk (2x) double bed & mattress (12x) large box (1x) large television/tv (greater than 40") (3x) lawn mower (1x) microwave oven (3x) office chair (1x) desktop computer (1x) printer (1x) rug (2x) single bed & mattress (1x) small tool box (1x) large tool box (6x) dining chair (1x) filing cabinet (1x) fridge freezer (1x) garden table (1x) garden chair (1x) small book case (1x) 3 Ikea book cases

Additional information

Heavy work benches in garage and two garden sheds worth of equipment 4 bedrooms and home office


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