Home & office removal

Moving single story house

Miami, QLD, 4220
Woolgoolga, NSW, 2456
277 km (EST. 3 hours 8 mins)

Moving from 1 home

Moving to 1 home

Estimated inventory size: 19 cubic meters

! Inventory size estimation was auto-generated at best-effort basis based on the average size of items listed by the job owner and might differ from the actual capacity of inventory in this job posting.


(1x) 6 seater dining table (1x) armchair (2x) bedside table (1x) bin (2x) bookcase (1x) chest of drawers (1x) coffee table (1x) desk (2x) kingsize bed & mattress (12x) large box (1x) large television/tv (greater than 40") (1x) lawn mower (15x) medium box (1x) microwave oven (1x) office chair (1x) desktop computer (1x) printer (1x) rug (1x) sideboard (20x) small box (2x) large tool box (1x) tv stand (1x) two seater sofa (1x) washing machine (8x) dining chair (1x) fridge freezer (1x) medium television/tv (30"o 40") (2x) suitcase

Additional information

We are moving from a 2 bedroom house in Miami QLD to Woolgoogla NSW mid-end september and were interested in a quote. Thank you!


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