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Ecoloads Privacy Policy

Ecoloads ( Ecoloads Pty Ltd ABN 34 618 883 702) has created a privacy policy to explain our privacy procedures and practices. The policy covers how we gather, manage and use your personal information on the ecoloads website in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation in Australia. It also sets out the obligations that you and ecoloads have in relation to your personal information.

By accessing www.ecoloads.com.au (the “Site”), you acknowledge that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions stated herein, including our user terms and conditions www.ecoloads.com.au/terms-and-conditions.This document governs the service offered by ecoloads and acknowledges that you give ecoloads permission to use and store your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. Under the ecoloads terms and conditions of use, please note that you may not register with ecoloads if you are under 18 years old.

Herein, a user of the ecoloads service is referred to as “user”, or collectively as “users”.

Personal Information Collected By ecoloads

www.ecoloads.com.au provides an online marketplace for transporters and customers to provide and use discounted freight and provides a safe, trustworthy, online community for all users. In order for the site to be successful, and to provide the service we offer, ecoloads requires correct personal information. Failure to provide this information means we are unable to complete the service to the required level. Users can browse the Site without providing personal information, however, to use the service, personal information voluntarily given at registration is required. ecoloads will collect information such as name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card details. The site also encourages you to detail information relative to all users of ecoloads, such as your transport business including photos, and/or the job you require to be completed.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all personal details are updated if they change to keep the ecoloads information database up to date.

Users are required to log into the ecoloads site, and this means we can monitor the usage of the Site by you. This may include (but not be limited to) jobs bid on and posted, reviews, notices, messages and anything else posted on the Site under your login. ecoloads may collect and use this information to understand how users use the Site and how they behave. This assists ecoloads in improving the Site and providing new features to benefit the ecoloads community. ecoloads may also collect information from “cookies”, IP addresses, or other analytics collected by website browsers, software and hardware to analyse web traffic and usage. This also assists ecoloads when it comes to saving your login information and support the payment and job booking processes. ecoloads may also engage a third party to analyse and monitor the Site’s usage, web traffic and user preferences on behalf of ecoloads.

Ecoloads may also collect and analyse personal information posted on social media sites such as (but not limited to), Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This includes any location details as activated by you on your mobile device. ecoloads may also use other technologies to gather customer information in accordance with this privacy policy and within Australian privacy legislation guidelines.

Personal Information Used By ecoloads

Ecoloads collects, maintains and manages personal information of users in several ways, including (but not limited to):

  • To provide the service offered by ecoloads
  • For authentication and I.D purposes
  • Ensuring safety and security of all users of ecoloads
  • To improve the ecoloads service and website
  • To share information with a transporter or customer which has engaged a service
  • Research and analytics on ecoloads users
  • To customise the content users see on the Site
  • To share with third parties for investment, or affiliate partnerships
  • General reporting, analytics and measures collected in accordance with Australian data collection and privacy regulation
  • Accounting, billing and payment services
  • To contact ecoloads users with news, information, and assistance
  • General reporting, analytics and measures collected in accordance with Australian data collection and privacy regulation
  • General reporting, analytics and measures collected in accordance with Australian data collection and privacy regulation

ecoloads may also contact you to action a service or task, to discuss a dispute and assist with resolution, or if there is unusual activity on your account.

If ecoloads intends to use, or share user personal information outside of the terms laid out in our terms and conditions and within this privacy policy, we will contact all users for consent prior to use.

Accessing Personal Information

Users who have registered at ecoloads can access, edit, and update their personal information and online profiles at any time.

  • Essential website updates and maintenance
  • We are legally required to deny you access
  • You are in breach of our terms and conditions or are using the ecoloads service for illegal, or trolling activity, in which case your access may be denied or restricted.

You can cancel your ecoloads account at any time, and your personal information will be removed from the Site. However, ecoloads reserves the right to store your personal information in back-ups and archives on the Site’s servers. The personal information that you provide to ecoloads becomes the property of ecoloads and will be stored, used and managed as outlined in our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Cookies and Data Collection

Your computer may collect and store identifying ‘cookies’ which make it easier to log back into a frequently visited site by pre-populating login information. A cookie is a small data file that ecoloads will send to your hard disk for record-keeping purposes. ecoloads may also use this technology to monitor user preferences, web traffic to the ecoloads site and to hold session information. You can head to the settings on your computer to block cookies, or to prompt you to accept cookies on certain websites. However, blocking cookies may restrict users of the Site to access the full features, service and third party affiliates, such as when you log in via Facebook.

ecoloads may also track the success of email campaigns and notices by logging responses, opens and deletions. This will help us to send user information which is useful at a frequency users of the Site prefer.

Please note data collected by ecoloads in this way is anonymous and has no personal identifiers.

Protection and Security

When registering at the ecoloads site you are asked to provide a password for security purposes. It is advised that you do not share your log-in details with anyone else. If you are using a shared computer, remember to sign out of every session.

Only authorised ecoloads support staff have access to your details and may ask you some qualifying questions to take reasonable steps to authenticate you as the user. All customer support emails and communications will come from hello@ecoloads.com.au or support@ecoloads.com.au. Any other email addresses will be phishing scams and should not be responded to.

Sensitive information such as credit card details are sent via a third party secure site and information is encrypted.

Although we cannot guarantee absolute security of users information on the Site, we do take reasonable steps to protect our systems and servers from hacking, viruses and cyber attack. ecoloads do not 100% guarantee protection of your personal information on the internet but work continuously to ensure that we have adequate cyber security protection.

ecoloads periodically reviews its online security systems and staff access, and are dedicated to the security and privacy of users personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Third Parties

On occasion ecoloads may need to share some of your information. This could be via ‘cookies’ when logging into the Site via Facebook, or to share statistics and usage with businesses who may wish to advertise with ecoloads. If you visit a third party site from the ecoloads site, you then leave the protection of the ecoloads privacy policy and your information is handled as per the third party privacy policy.

Market data and research is shared without personal identifiers, however, if you wish to opt out of any data transfer, contact support@ecoloads.com.au and add Privacy in the subject line of the email.

If there are competitions run with third party businesses, your personal information such as name and address may be shared and therefore governed by the third party privacy policy. It is wise to check all third party privacy policy information before entering a competition, sweepstake or draw.

ecoloads does reserve the right to share personal information from all areas of the website if required by law, or if we are given reason to believe in our sole discretion that someone is harming, or causing interference and distress to other users or the general public.

If in the future, ecoloads is sold, or becomes part of a merger, users will be notified and given a chance to review a new privacy policy, should there be any changes and approve data transfer.

The ecoloads mobile and website may use Google for location data collection and job delivery purposes. If you want to read more about Google Maps API and their privacy policy, it can be found here.


When you register on the ecoloads site, you agree to receive communications from us. These may be in the form of notices to your dashboard, secure messaging service and email. Should a third party wish to access your information and send you marketing material, you will be asked for consent. You can choose to opt-in, or opt-out of third party marketing communications at any time. ecoloads prides itself on building a trustworthy, secure online community and will restrict, where possible the sharing of information with third parties and will ask for consent before doing so.

Users may see advertisements, banners and marketing material for third party businesses which may be of interest to ecoloads users on the Site. If a user clicks on these ads, their information is then governed by the third party privacy policy. If you find any of these advertisements inappropriate, or offensive, please report to the moderator at support@ecoloads.com.au. Advertisements will be posted via Google Ads. You can choose to opt-out of Google Analytics for display advertising via the settings in your personal Google account.

Removal and Opt-Out

Users can cancel their ecoloads account at any time and stop receiving communications from our partners and us. Once your account is closed, you will no longer receive emails and notifications from ecoloads, or any third party affiliates. The information you have provided may stay on our servers and in our archives, but will still be adhered to as per this privacy policy and not shared, or disclosed, without prior consent.

Once you have registered with ecoloads, you can go to your settings in your Dashboard and choose which notifications you wish to receive and how you want to receive them. This gives all ecoloads users a preference on how they receive notifications on quotes, jobs and other information.

We may contact you via email from time to time with updates on new features and to improve our service. Users can contact support@ecoloads.com.au at any time to be removed from these communications.

Privacy Concerns and Questions

We hope that this policy has outlined clearly our intentions with regards to the handling, management and disclosure of your personal information. ecoloads is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, trustworthy online community and the protection of personal data is integral to that process. However, should you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here in this privacy policy, you can contact our support team at support@ecoloads.com.au.

If you feel that we have breached this privacy policy in any way, please contact us in writing, and we will address the situation immediately, at support@ecoloads.com.au.

Please note that anything you choose to post on your public profile and which can be seen by other users is not protected under this privacy policy which only concerns information ecoloads posts publicly about you. Ecoloads encourages users not to post telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses on your public profile, or public message boards on the Site for your privacy protection and security. Information on these guidelines can be found here in our T&C’s

Periodically, ecoloads may review, or update this privacy policy. Should this occur, all users of ecoloads will be notified via their registered email address.

Contact Us

Our ecoloads support team can be reached at support@ecoloads.com.au to answer any question or query about the ecoloads site.

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